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Insta360Insta360 One XInsta360 TitanTitan

Video: Insta360 Titan->Is the Insta360 Titan the Best Pro 360 VR Camera?9674

DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: Insta360 Titan Unbiased Review - BEST Pro VR Camera of 2019? | Video courtesy of CreatorUp YouTube Channel

Hi All,

I wonder if the Insta360 Titan pairs seamlessly with Matterport (as the Insta360 One X)?

At USD $14,999 from B&H, do you plan to buy one and share the Matterport + Titan test results with us?

Here's the description of the video from the CreatorUp YouTube Channel:

"It's finally here and there’s only one question on everyone’s minds - is the Insta360 Titan the BEST professional 360 VR camera of 2019? - I want to give you my unbiased review of the Insta360 Titan, so you can decide if you should upgrade your current professional VR360 camera setup to the Titan or wait for the next cinematic VR camera. Strap into your seats for this one, because this review is a doozy. Are you making the move to the Titan? Let me know down below!"

Timestamps for your viewing convenience:

3:20 - Insta360 Titan SPECS
4:26 - Livestream & Record in 8K 3D
5:06 - 50fps slow motion in 8K 3D
5:50 - 10-bit color depth
6:31 - Camera control and usability
7:21 - Low Light
7:41 - Stitching and Parallax Issues
8:30 - 11K 360?
12:00 - FlowState v.s. Stitching
13:16 - Motion Impossible M Pro sneak peek
13:26 - Titan weight: 10lbs / 4.5KG
14:00 - No SSD - 9x SD Cards
14:35 - My conclusion and advice on purchasing Titan

Source: CreatorUp YouTube Channel

Screen Grab courtesy of B&H
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
360º Video: Insta360 Titan sample videos (11K downscaled to 8K) | Video courtesy of 360Rumors YouTube Channel

Hi All,

What does AMAZING 360º video look like? The video (above) is 360º!

From Mic Ty's YouTube Channel:

Here are the official sample videos from Insta360 Titan. These were shot in 11K 2D 360 or 10K 3D 360, but downscaled to 8K 2D 360 for YouTube. Insta360 Titan began shipping today [25 June 2019].

Find out more and view FULL RESOLUTION samples here.

Source: 360Rumors YouTube Channel

Too funny that the 360º video how to be downscaled to be shown on YouTube.

Did I tell you that my birthday is coming up soon?

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: Insta360 Titan Real World Test - Minimum Shooting Distance in 3D EXPLAINED! | Video courtesy of CreatorUp YouTube Channel

Hi All,

Wow! This video is captured with the Titan! Crazy!

From the CreatorUp YouTube Channel:

➡️Watch in VR Headset with YouTube VR.

Following up on my Insta360 Titan review: - this is my REAL WORLD TEST hands-on with the production unit. In this video, we will focus on one of the most important questions in stereoscopic 360 production - minimum shooting distance. I will show you what it is and how to avoid 3D parallax and the result after Mistika VR re-stitch. This will help you to prepare your first shoot with the Insta360 Titan in 3D to avoid that annoying stitch line and ghosting effects in 3D 360.

Timestamps for your viewing convenience:
0:28 - 8-bit 10K 3D Sample (YouTube downsample to 6K 3D)
1:14 - Insta360 Titan Battery size and weight (and why it impact your shooting)
1:32 - 4-level fan noise explained *IMPORTANT
2:25 - 3D Minimum Shooting Distance test
4:43 - Mistika VR restitch of the problem areas
5:54 - FlowState Stabilization Test

This video is shot in 10K 3D. YouTube cannot display more than 4K in 3D Stereoscopic. I will provide the FULL sample to download and view it in your editing software or use Insta360 Moment. I will also provide the unstitched footage for you to practice on Insta360 Titan stereoscopic stitching. I will post the download link HERE as soon as its ready. Your boy is working hard to get these prepared for you. Come back in a couple of hours

Source: CreatorUp YouTube Channel


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