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GSV: Panos dumped by Google somewhere in the ocean9660

Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
It is a weird issue. Google is currently dumping some panoramas into some ocean instead of placing them on Google Maps where they belong. I submitted about 31 of them to Google Maps on the last Saturday. All were done in some local park as a single tour linked.

All of them went to the map in that park but some when you click on them on the map or walk to them from a previous pano jump to some place located in some ocean.

Also I can see there are a lot of them from other photographers so it is not just me affected. I uploaded them there through Pano2VR. Tried to delete and reupload them again, tried to move them a bit on the map and update. Nothing helped.

here is a link to the one sitting in that dump ocean place.

If you zoom the small map you will see 100s of them sitting there.

BTW, google did not count them towards my score. I am not sure what the reason is. May be Google have a glitch or something and it affects my score and placing them correctly.

Here is the one where the tour starts.

You can walk to the forth one from the first point and then it stops because the forth one jumps to that dump place on the map. If you find the next good one after the forth you can keep walking until you hit another one dumped there. It is 5-6 of them in the wrong place out of 31.
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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
3D Vista recently posted an announcement mentioning GSV had a glitch on their end when posting Panorama’s with no ability to update until Google makes a fix.

So you’re your story doesn’t sound far fetched at all.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
They still have not fixed it. I just deleted all panos from that tour, corrected each pano location and uploaded to google again. Nothing has changed.

Even though all panos were deleted from my account( I could see it under my account in Google) and then appeared there after re-submitting the tour path shown on Google Maps is wrong(seems to be taken from the deleted tour), some panos are shown as pitch black and some have been placed in some ocean.

And there is still a lot of panos in the ocean from other photographers. I can these their 360 icons there but I cannot jump into anyone of them.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I have just checked my tour and it has been fixed. And the links between each pano also work so one can walk it from the start to the finish.

What does not work properly is 360 icons for panos. Some of them are missing on google maps. Also still no score has been given to my account for these 31 pano tour.
However I managed to do 2 reviews yesterday and I reached 7 level for local guides. Now it is a long road for me to the level 8 and even much much longer to 9 or 10.
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