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Pay Attention and Know Your Rights!9650

3D_Hoffa private msg quote post Address this user

Know your rights in your area, and view this video before buying a Matterport camera system.

Thanks George.
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Skeeter private msg quote post Address this user
I have had issues with how they run their company. Thanks for the video!
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Dan - a wonderful share. Everyone on WGAN should watch this.
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3D_Hoffa private msg quote post Address this user
@Skeeter You are certainly not alone.
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Changesin3d private msg quote post Address this user
@3D_Hoffa Follow this logic.I wonder if or when Matterport starts giving out the required disclosure, (if it is required) it will demonstrate that they needed to do this all along.

If they DO NOT start providing the disclosure now, the FTC may look at this with a real negative eye. Matterport can not claim they do not offer leads it is all over their ads - website. The FTC Video that is mentioned in George's video is pretty clear, at about the one minute mark, it sure sounds like they would be required to give out this disclosure based on their sales promotions to give this required Federal Disclosure.

Matterport cameras are a business tool, can you see anyone buying for use as a hobby?

Will this result in a request for a buy back of the cameras from unhappy purchasers? The people who were promised leads and never got one that converted to a scan? There have been a lot of people fail at this scanning gig.

Now to go read the Ca. Law, they are a pretty severe state about disclosures, or so I have heard.

How long till there is a boiler plate complaint published to send to the FTC to look at this?

Dying to hear Matterport check in on the FTC rule and why they are exempt.
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Changesin3d private msg quote post Address this user
After watching the FTC Video and looking on line and watching the video that @3D_Hoffa shared, I found something that sure looks like Matterport is offering what the FTC Attorney is calling a business op. Here is a screen capture of a graphic from Matterport's website. Is this not what the attorney is FTC is calling a business opportunity?

Now I did not get one of these disclosures, and I am curious did anyone else. Did you? Matterport has that new guy @Jwbuckl who wants to build confidence, has not checked in on this yet and I am curious if he will. Still looking on Matterport's site for the disclosure, nada anyone got a link?

If Matterport is not a Bis Op, why not? @Jwbuckl
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