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GSV, How to connect a Theta V outdoor tour with a Matterport tour nearby.9575

Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Hi guys,

This is my first attempt to use both Theta V for outdoor and Matterport for indoor for the same client.

I assumed that if an outdoor path of some place made with Theta V and published on GSV would automatically link with a business inside tour scanned with my Matterport camera located very close to the path.

This assumption was coming from my local tour I did and published earlier for some local park a few weeks before. After I published it on Google Maps at some points I could jump from my panos to some panos done by another Photographer in the same park. That's strange because we are different people and Google should not connect it that way. So ok, I just thought it's the way it works.

Now back to my problem with my business client. Both the outdoor path done with Theta V and the inside tour done with Matterport are not linking together automatically even though they are both published to GSV under my account.

One pano from the Theta V outdoor tour is no more than 1-2 meters away from a start point of the inside Matterport tour. How it is possible that Google is liking panos from two different trusted photographers but does not want to link two tours from the same photographer?

So the question in order to solve it(link them together) how do I do it?

They are not the same business in terms of Google Business page but the indoor space has the same parent company. The outdoor path is for educational organisation and they also own the space with the indoor tour under a different business entity as a commercial(dining) & training facility.

I have Pano2VR Pro and I can get all outdoor panos(theta V) and indoor panos(matterport) downloaded into Pano2VR and link just two points together. However outdoor path has 330 panos in total and the indoor tour has over 250. This seems to be excessive to load 680 panos just to add a link between two of them.

I can try to get just two nearby points downloaded from Google maps, add a bidirectional link to them and then try to upload these two panos back. However since I have never tried such thing I am not sure it won't delete all other 678 panos from Google Maps.

Will it work if I do the following way:

I will get all 680 panos loaded into Pano2VR, then delete 678 I do not need from Pano2VR, leaving just 2 that I need to link. After the link is created I will just upload these two panos back to Google Maps?

I hope it won't delete any other links/panos but it seems I have no idea how it will work.
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leonherbert private msg quote post Address this user
Linkages between tours in GSV do not necessarily join automatically immediately. It may take time.

In terms of Pano2vr you can download all the panos, make sure they are all linked, and upload all of them. They will just update, I do this often when I download all panos so I can apply a nadir plate and then I reupload.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by leonherbert
Linkages between tours in GSV do not necessarily join automatically immediately. It may take time.

I know there may be some delay but both tours have been on Google for at least 10 days and all linking inside each tour works properly. It is just no linking between each tour.

I will try to get away with just downloading two closeby panos(one from each tour), link them and upload them back to GSV.

I put their logo at nadir on the outdoor path but I do not really want it for their inside tours made with Matterport. It would take a lot of time and trafic. They have more than 10 tours from Matterport with over 1100 scan points in total.
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