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IVRPA Video: Thomas Rauscher | Pano2VR Garden Gnome Software9573

Atlanta, Georgia
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IVRPA Video: Thomas Rauscher | Pano2VR Garden Gnome Software - IVRPA Conference 2019 Belfast (Day 1 | Monday, 10 June 2019) Video courtesy of IVRPA - International VR Professionals Association YouTube Channel

Hi All,

The following is from the IVRPA - International VR Professionals Association YouTube Channel ...

Filmed at the IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & Video Conference ▷ http://belfast.ivrpa.org/

You’ll learn about new functionalities in the Skin Editor; Pano2VR’s powerful overlay editor that allows not only custom overlays but also custom instructions for interaction.

Thomas will show you how to best present your work in WebVR and he will give you an overview of new features that will allow you to create even more immersive projects without the need for custom apps on your VR headset.

Finally, you’ll get an overview of the latest features added to our Google Street View export which allows users to connect to their Street View projects directly from within Pano2VR.

Pano2VR is a tool for not only creating interactive 360º media but also for creating interactive virtual tours using panoramic images and videos for viewing on the web and on HMD’s. It’s available as a desktop application for all operating systems and is subscription-free.

IVRPA members are entitled to a 10% discount off their first purchase.

The International Virtual Reality Professionals Association hosted its 14th annual conference from 10th - 13th June 2019, in Northern Ireland's capital city, Belfast.

The 14th annual #IVRPA conference features four days of talks, workshops, panels, exhibitors and other events where you will learn from and meet the leaders of the VR industry.

Find out more ▷ http://belfast.ivrpa.org/

IVRPA - The International Virtual Reality Professionals Association is an international association of photographers who create and produce 360° Panoramas and other Virtual Reality Content including 360° Video, 360° Virtual Tours, Gigapixel Panoramas, and more. This website showcases both our members and VR Photography community enthusiasts, and serves as a central place for news and communication for the 360° VR industry. Professional and amateur and 360° VR photographers are encouraged to Join IVRPA and participate on this website.

Source: IVRPA - International VR Professionals Association YouTube Channel


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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I just want to share the cool feature that some are obviously aware if they are using Pano2VR but I am sure most have no idea about it.

After you publish your Matterport tour to GSV through Matterport you can get the whole tour downloaded to your PC with all 3d scan points converted to 360 panoramas in an excellent quality if you have Pano2VR.

You also get them linked together as a tour even though there will be a lot of a mess with unnecessary linking.

What you can do with them is up to you.

So far I have used them to apply my/client Nadir logo to all of them and update them on GSV through Pano2VR to display the logo.

Or you can remove all excessive linking and update to GSV.

Another use is to build a custom tour for your client the way you want and host it as a custom tour(not Matterport tour) on your customer's website. If you go that way you can even delete the Matterport tour you have used for that and have your active models under specific amount.

It does take time to learn how to create all user interface for your custom tour in Pano2VR and I am still learning. But their Google street features are very easy to use. And for custom build tours Pano2VR has much more features that the basic Matterport tour player provides.

It does come with a cost, as you need to pay $14.95 to Matterport for publishing your Matterport tour to GSV and you need to buy a license for Pano2VR(about $300) However for me it is the best software I have ever bought for my 360 business.
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