I had a great time with Dan on WGAN Live at 5 Thursday!

For those who did not catch it, Forum members now get a FREE AI (Artificial Intelligence) avatar for your websites.

This AI will engage your visitors, increase their interest, and provide actionable information for you! Whether you're starting out, looking to grow, or looking for new revenue streams, this is what you need.

Best of all, it's FREE use of for all WGAN Standard and Premium members. It's like hiring a marketing person without the hassle of added payroll!

As a thank you for all the help I have received from the members here, I am offering an additional bonus- All Standard or Premium members that contact me before EOD Tuesday 6/11/19 (EST) will receive a free upgrade! The special upgrade that Dan and I talked about on WGAN will be FREE for you, not the $49.99 MRC or the WGAN special price of $24.99 MRC, but FREE.

"The best way to lose business is to wait." -A. Vijaykumar

Fill out the WGAN form and "hire" your Avatar today!

If you have any questions about the FREE service to Standard and Premium members, respond below and I will answer them for you.