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Matterport - Just lost all my respect - Disgraceful - Embarrassing9549

zacharysmiller private msg quote post Address this user
My story:

I've used Matterport all of 1 month. I bought a Theta z1, found a beautifully staged home that I wanted to use to sell matterport models, shot the home and it turned out beautiful. I thought matterport was amazing (and the models/tours still are). However, on Monday June 3rd I was contacted by "Nate" from matterport. Here was our exchange:

Hi Zach,

I work on the marketing team at Matterport with our Ricoh partnership. We are looking for high quality Z1 scans that we could feature as part of our announcements and rollout for Z1 compatibility. Your scan at 6135 Deems Dr looks like it might be a perfect fit.

Would you be open to us featuring one of your scans in our gallery and some Z1 promotional materials?

Please let me know if you have any questions.


My Response:

Hi Nate,

Could you offer any compensation for using my imagery in your marketing materials?

Nate's Response:
Hi Zach,

Unfortunately no, we are looking for volunteers.

Best regards,

My response:
Ok. Thank you for contacting me, but I'll have to respectfully decline. Giving away imagery is not how I make a living.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? A company in the imaging world wants to use images for free throughout their marketing platforms?!? Where is the respect for photographers trying to make a living??? Especially the ones using YOUR PRODUCT!!! Unbelievable. Although I will still try and make money with their product, as a company they have lost all my respect. They should be ashamed and embarrassed.
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izoneguy private msg quote post Address this user
Read the Matterport TOS, they are probably already using your footage....

It is a nice tour.

Was it shot in auto? HDR?
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zacharysmiller private msg quote post Address this user
They must of saw my post on here because 10 min after I posted I got an offer for $10. Hahaha wow...just wow. Of course I told them no.
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3dVuz private msg quote post Address this user
Asking for money is petty. Ask for CREDIT! That’s more valuable. But even if they can’t give you credit for the shoot, big whoop. Bigger fish to fry out there. Go have fun and make some “Matter-Bucks”
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3D_Hoffa private msg quote post Address this user
Be happy you are only 1 month in and haven't produced a lot of content. Pay attention and understand what izoneguy is telling you. You were not around when they changed their TOS in a data grab (retroactively by the way) a while ago and had to revert the TOS back because of all the backlash. But they will try again...

Read this article on Techcrunch from a few months ago.

Might give you an idea of where they (and your content) is headed. Look at the part where they can position themselves as the Getty of 3D images. Will they include us in that? Who knows... but if history is any indication, I would think not.

@3dVuz Where would he get the credit? In the tour? Oh wait... lol

Good luck to you.
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jellofan private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by 3D_Hoffa
Where would he get the credit?

On his Matterport Cloud Account bill?
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3D_Hoffa private msg quote post Address this user
@jellofan We are talking about a different kind of credit. Like attaching his name/company to the tour.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
May I ask you how Matterport builds a dollhouse view from Theta Z1 images? I can see that the dollhouse for the OP's property is pretty damn good. Much better look that is coming from my Pro2 camera.

If it all comes to this look naturally and we do not need spatial data why are we all using their $3000 cameras instead of using 3-10 times cheaper 1 click cameras?
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3D_Hoffa private msg quote post Address this user
This post is important and should not be buried *bump*
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