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Hi Dan,

I know it has been mentioned in the WGAN forum in the past that Matterport often/always reaches out by email to collaborators – sometimes even advertising for them to buy their own cameras etc.

I have not yet set up their “collaborator account” and wanted to make sure I do it in a way that Matterport won’t latch on to their email address. Please confirm that you, and other members, suggest inviting yourself (via your own made-up email address) so as to avoid the collaborator getting future emails from Matterport – right? In this way, I’d be emailed the login setup request and create a username & password (or I could ask for the client to provide me a username & password they’d like me to set up for them) – right again??

I hate that we need to even think this way with Matterport who would be much better off thinking of bigger ways to collaborate than compete with us!!

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Hi [redacted],

Thank you for reaching out ...

Yes. For clarification:

1. Guest1@WGANForum.com – you set up as a Collaborator. You then give this sign-in to your client.
2. Guest2@WGANForum.com
3. Guest3@WGANForum.com

You can control which email address (Collaborator) has access to which Folder(s) in your Cloud Account.

1 Passwords are all different. Keep a spreadsheet. Some may be temporary. Recycle by changing the password.
2. Setting up Matterport Collaborators is a cumbersome process (at best); the above solves this puzzle
3. While Matterport says they do not use the Collaborator account to prospect, the above solves this potential challenge

By the way, the above process was suggested by a WGAN Forum Member @JohnBecker four years ago here!