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Example of an MSP Getting Paid at Closing: 1/2 Price if Listing Cancelled9477

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

This long-time Matterport Service Provider - San Diego-based Tour it Now offers no upfront cost on one Matterport 3D Tour per month per agent. The MSP gets paid at closing. If the Agent loses the listing at 6 months, the MSP collects 1/2 of the shoot fee.

From the Tour it Now website:

"Tour It Now has built a program that helps all agents have access to effective, interactive, cutting-edge marketing. We are here to support your efforts and increase business by helping you secure listings through this program."

"We are offering you the opportunity to add a professional 3D Virtual Tour for no upfront cost to your listing marketing strategy. You pay us at close of escrow. *Limited to one 3D tour slot per month per agent depending on availability."

"To show we are on your team, if your contract is cancelled at six months, we only require you to pay half to cover our upfront service expenses. We share the potential risk so you have a great tool to differentiate yourself when securing a listing client."

Source: Tour it Now website

Plus, this "Pay Later Agreement Request Form"

The Tour it Now website includes some videos to promote this marketing initiative.

Your thoughts about this marketing strategy?

What are you doing that's disruptive (in a good way) to hustle business?



P.S. I learned about this Tour it Now marketing strategy in the Tour it Now Newsletter today (Thursday, 30 May 2019).
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angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
Good post.

I believe in sharing the risk with any buyer
of our tech.

Your buyer is not as technically developed as us. They have many other factors to juggle to close a home sale or get visitors, depending on their market.

Show empathy of their challenge.


- It is new
- it is different
- it is not what they normally do

What: De-Risk it.

Why: Share the risk to gain trust and understanding of their business model.

How: 2 payment plan options -

1. 10pence per sqft if pay now for full scan


2. 18pence per sqft if do 50/50 payment plan.

Pay 50% on Scan completion.
Pay 50% on sale of property.

Does not apply to extras; floorplans etc

Put some skin in the game and they love you.

Over time they will use you over others.

Here is an example of my website U.K. for estate agents (realtors).

It works.
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June private msg quote post Address this user
What great marketing!!!
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alirizacil private msg quote post Address this user
Definitely interesting.
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3dVuz private msg quote post Address this user
Outstanding strategy when you’re trying to break into a new marketplace etc.
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