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Tip of the Day: Why Affiliate with a Pro that Does DSLR Shot Photography9387

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

While you can pull SnapShots from Matterport in Workshop, some clients will want Pro shot DSLR shot photography AND they only want to place one order for Matterport AND DSLR shot photos.

Consider affiliating with a DSRL real estate photographer so that you can offer one order for both (and other services too).

Reminder that real estate agents seek: (in this order)

1. Photos
2. Videos
3. Matterport and/or Aerial and/or Floor Plans and/or Virtual Staging

If you are not offering DSRL shot photos and videos you are at a disadvantage.

If a real estate agent asks you for DSLR shot photos and Matterport and you quoted only Matterport - and you did not hear back from the prospect - now you know one BIG reason why you may have not received the order.

Perhaps you learned how to shoot DSLR photos because of the above scenario?


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hometakes private msg quote post Address this user
Dan, you are dead on balls accurate as the quote goes from "My Cousin Vinney".

As a matter of fact, if your not offering everything from Drone Photos/video, Day to dusk, virtual staging, reselling amenity photos, you are missing out on $$ in a huge way.....
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coulee360 private msg quote post Address this user
Back in 2016 when I started my company, I was only DSLR. By the end of that year, I had a couple agents I work with lose their Matterport provider from the opposite side of the state. So in early 2017 I added Matterport to my services since no one was offering it in my area. Because of adding it and being the only one still, my business has tripled because I can offer both DSLR and Matterport plus Aerial.

Still trying to educate other agents why a true3d virtual tour for their high end properties makes a bigger impact.

On a side note, a couple agents in my area have purchased the Pro2 Lite in the last year. But their quality and know-how is very poor and with the new pricing structure, I feel they will want to sell their cameras and come to me for the work.
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CGPhoto private msg quote post Address this user
I was offering DSLR, Aerial and video. Now I have added virtual tours to line up so that my offerings are more complete. I actually lost a few listings because I was not offering virtual tours. Your really need to have the whole range or you will be missing out on some of the clients.
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fotoguy private msg quote post Address this user
I offer both DSLR and MP. Several time we still have used the MP camera for the stills. We do a couple 360's in each room and take the shots from those. Lighting with a DSLR can be challenging. The MP HDR bracketing allows us nicely lit photos. DSLR outside is still very useful
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