Hi All,

A WGAN Member asks:

"A client has 36 spaces and I want him to pay for his own subscription. How much will it cost him?"


P.S. My answer ...

Hi [redacted],

Thank you for reaching out. The short answer is that your Client can subscribe to:

Matterport Professional Plan with up to 50 Matterport 3D Tours active at anyone time for $1,320 annually. A month-to-month version is available too that is $1,548 annualized.

Please see this related WGAN Forum discussion:

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The longer answer is why you would want to encourage a Client to get their own Matterport Plan?

Advantages of you hosting:

✓ Charge your Client either $49, $99 or $149 (or $4.95, 9.95 or 14.95 per month) – per Matterport 3D Tour – for Hosting, Maintenance and Support annually and make some money.
✓ The advantages of hosting with you is that it includes you managing the account.
✓ Your client will have changes: take some down; add others; change text – get paid for that expertise

Why not?