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Power supply9319

Greenville, SC
8643d private msg quote post Address this user
Just bought used 250Lite off of EBay. It came with a charger but upon
research it’s not the right one, I haven’t been able to power it on.
And I am becoming worried that I got scammed. The seller has offered a
refund for the price of a charger which I have ordered from the link on I tried my
Local Walmart for an adapter but none of them fit the camera. I saw a post
where someone bought a charger from Best Buy. I would like to find a
charger and find out if the camera powers on and if it holds charge, while
I wait for the one I ordered. Does anyone know of any place that I can buy
one or which one I need from Best Buy? I really am anxious to know whether
or not the used camera works.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
You should have a sticker at the bottom of your camera that says
what is tip configuration(+ or -) for a plug, rated voltage and current for an adapter.

The only thing missing is an outer diameter for a plug and its inner diameter. I have Pro2 and a plug for its adapter is 5.5mm outside. Inside is hard to measure even with a caliper but it seems to be from 3.5mm to 4mm. I guess your 250Lite may have the same plug as my Pro2.

If you combine this information with power specs at the bottom of your camera including tip configuration you can try to find something that will work for your camera online. Just make sure everything(tip, dimateres, voltage and current) match. However for current you can get one rated for more current but do not buy that is rated less. You camera will be trying to get maximum current for charging(as shown on a sticker at the bottom of your camera) and if your adapter rated for less current it will be dead quite soon.
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M_Wasserman private msg quote post Address this user
I think the better question is if there is anyone near where you live who has a charger you could borrow so you could test your equipment, at least if you can not find a universal adapter.
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Greenville, SC
8643d private msg quote post Address this user
The one I ordered is scheduled for delivery Tuesday. Looks like I’m going to wait until then and hope the camera works. The seller is positive it powered on before shipping, but this seller also sent me a below specifications charger with the camera.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
It is possible that the camera is ok and the original charger has been lost. So the seller just picked another one that he thought would work.

Does the one the seller has sent match all electrical specs?

There is also variable voltage power adapters that come with a set of different plugs. And usually you can use them with both negative and positive on a tip. The only problem with them is that they are usually low current ones.

I have just checked the one for my Pro2 and it is 90W( DC 15V at 6A) for 240V AC.
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Greenville, SC
8643d private msg quote post Address this user
Update: New power adapter arrived today. I plugged it in and camera immediately began charging. What a relief! Thanks for all your input.
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