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theone05 private msg quote post Address this user
What do you do when your client wants virtual tour for his website lifetime ? Lets say you have 250 active models and all of them want it lifetime. So you keep loosing money because of montly/annualy subscription after few months/ years. What is the solution for it ?
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DouglasMeyers private msg quote post Address this user
Which to GEOcv
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RayV private msg quote post Address this user
Why wouldn't you charge hosting fees?
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
That may be your luck. Tell a customer that you are being charged fees by Matterport for hosting models. Hence you will need to start charging them some hosting fee per each tour if they want lifetime hosting.

If your customer agrees to pay say $2 per tour every month that will be bring you $500 every month just from this customer. Matterport will charge you significantly less for these extra 250 tours.

I charge $20 per month for each tour but this is just for a single tour and considering it is paid every month. If I had someone with 250 tours who wants lifetime hosting I would not have any problems to go to $2 for each tour per month.
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theone05 private msg quote post Address this user
Some people say that you should charge only once including hosting fee. Maybe they were talking only about tours for real estate agents.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
The idea charging hosting fee was a way to get around hosting limits on each plan. I like residual income but to be honest it is much easier to sell a product that is paid only once. If Matterport is going ahead with new prices I am happy there is no hosting limit.

You can always find a way to charge something monthly for business tours such as updating some info in their Mattertags or administering a business profile on Google.
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CGPhoto private msg quote post Address this user
My plan in doing real estate is removing listing as soon as the homes sell. I am hoping to stay with the Professional Plus plan as this is the best value of the current offerings in terms of number of active models per dollar. At $1,316 per year for 50 slots, each slot costs me $26.32 in hosting fees per year. If someone wants to host a tour long term, I plan to charge $50 a year per tour to host it.

Seeing that the other subscription options are more expensive and offer less value in terms of the number of slots per dollar, I would purchase a second Professional Plus plan rather than considering upping to the next package.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Welcome to the WGAN Community.

Yes. It's an odd thing in the Matterport New Pricing Rate card that it makes more sense to keep adding more Professional accounts that it does to switch to a Business account.

Essentially, you could add five month-to-month Matterport Professional Plans and still pay less than Matterport Business Plan.

✓ Five (5) Matterport Annual Professional Plus Plans @ $1,316 each annually = $6,580 (250 active models)
✓ One (1) Matterport Business Plus @ $7,188 annually = $7,188 (250 active models)
✓ Save $608 by having five Matterport Annual Professional Plus Plans

I could imagine that Matterport will keep differentiating the Business Plan to give some Matterport Service Providers to pay the extra $608. I could also imagine that some Clients will not want to have to manage five accounts.


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