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How to easily calendar and email Matterport booking confirmations

Hi All,

If you are a busy Matterport Service Provider, keeping your booking calendar organized and emailing Client booking confirmations can be a challenge.

That challenge gets exponentially harder when you have more than one Pro on your team and your Client has multiple team Members that need to be in the loop too.

With the CAPTUR3D platform, you can easily calendar and email everyone that needs to know about a shoot:

✓ photographer
✓ Client
✓ Client team Members
✓ Other

Plus, since CAPTUR3D is a relational database, once you enter the property details for the booking confirmation, the same info gets used in multiple ways, including tricking out the One Page Website (branded, unbranded) and full screen versions.

The CAPTUR3D platform was created by a super-successful Matterport Service Provider that has done thousands of Matterport 3D Tours. They felt the pain first-hand. To enable them to scale their business, they created CAPTUR3D to manage the booking and confirmation workflow (and countless other Matterport Service Provider related tasks). Now, this (amazing) platform is available to you.

Whether you are just starting out, a single Matterport Service Provider or run a team of multiple Pros, CAPTUR3D platform – a virtual Concierge service for Matterport Service Providers, will help you succeed faster.

How to Easily Calendar and Email Matterport Booking Confirmations

1. Select: Create New Booking
2. Complete the Booking Information
3. Email to multiple people

To help you see how easy it is to use CAPTUR3D to calendar and email booking confirmations, CAPTUR3D starts you out with five (5) free Property Packs. (WGAN Forum Members get one (1) additional Property Pack - free!

Create a free CAPTUR3D account here.

Take for a spin and share your thoughts here.

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