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SPAR3D (30 April 2019) GeoCV Is an Upstart In 3D Property Technology

Highlights from the SPAR3D article:

"And when it comes to 3D imaging in the property technology niche, Matterport has long dominated, with few contenders. But that changed recently when GeoCV’s 3D imaging system took on the industry leader."

"In the meantime, GeoCV has continued to win fans, as the 5-year-old startup has been doing since its inception. It has been recognized for its excellence at various trade shows. At the Realcomm technology, real estate and facility conference in June 2018, GeoCV was honored as the Best Tech Innovation."

'“We started out as a service provider. We recently launched our software and hardware as a subscription model,” [GeoCV Managing Director Jonathan] Klein says of GeoCV. “Our approach to data—you can own and edit your data—gives you much more control. And its much different from Matterport.”'

Source: SPAR3D


P.S. GeoCV, Matterport, NodalView and Zillow 3D Home (360º Tour) below ...


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In case helpful, here again are direct links to the four finished walkthroughs:

Matterport model - https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=x56G6WpRQAv

GeoCV with exterior terrain - http://Calabasas3D.com (in WP3D wrapper with my video and stills, FYI)

Nodalview - https://www.nodalview.com/Pgwg1tnC58nr2i5J7ExDdgMQ

Zillow 3D Home - https://www.zillow.com/view-3d-home/6087f427-cb7b-46ae-a4bf-223687c4835e