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Processing "Failed" and taking longer hours9231

jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
Dear friends,

Last monday I was asked to scann a winery (100 scans) and after doing it I proceeded to upload the project. It took longer than usual, and in the end the project showed a "Failed" message in my.matterport

Just in case I made a copy, deleted a single scann and uploaded a "new" model with the same results.

Unsure if it could be a Matterport processing problem, I tried with a copy of an older model and in this case it was processed without problems.

Then I created a small (2 scans) model just to check if my camera and iPad were working well, and the model was processed OK.

Any idea what could be happening? This project was made 400 miles from my home so doing it again would be a problem.

Matterport support just answered saying they were busy but would take care of my case (this was 36 hours ago). Has this happened to any of you before? If so, was it solved?

Your ideas or comments will be appreciated.

All the best.
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leonherbert private msg quote post Address this user
I have had a number of failed uploads they were very large models. I then reuploaded with smaller models, one went through and the other did not.

If this happening to a lot of people I would like to know because I thought it was on my end.
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks @leonherbert

Let´s wait if someone else comments on this matter. At the same time as soon as our friends at Matterport start working on my case I will let everybody know.
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thorn604 private msg quote post Address this user
Had a 154 scan model fail last week. Matterport requeued it for processing, and it failed again.

(was originally a 130 scan model that processed fine several months ago. scope changed, and 24 scan were added. the re-upload with the add'l scans is what has failed twice.)

Currently waiting for matterport to advise how to proceed.
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
News from Matterport.

I just received news from Matterport tech support:


Our engineering team caught that this was failing, so they processed it on a test processing engine which seems to be resolving the bug your model was falling into. I've moved the model into your account.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

Matterport Support

I have asked about the origin of the problem, so as soon as I receive an explanation I will let you know.

Thank you very much @leonherbert and @thorn604 for your participation and your comments.
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