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CAPTUR3D: a Virtual Concierge Platform for Matterport Service Providers9217

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One Page Website Example created by CAPTUR3D

Matterport 3D Tour edited by CAPTUR3D Example

Video: Introducing CAPTUR3D: a Virtual Concierge Platform for Matterport Service Providers

Introducing CAPTUR3D: a Virtual Concierge Platform for Matterport Service Providers

Hi All,

Matterport Service Providers – rejoice!

Your life is about to get much-much-much easier.

The more you become successful with Matterport, the more difficult it becomes to manage all the tasks (and continue to grow your business).

Introducing CAPTUR3D.

Succeed Faster with the CAPTUR3D end-to-end platform for Matterport Pros like you.

Think of CAPTUR3D as your personal concierge that deeply understands your Matterport needs and handles everything for you in the background ... enabling:

✅ more time for creating content for your Clients
✅ more time for business development
✅ more time with your family and friends

You can manage nearly everything associated with your Matterport scanning within a simple-to-use dashboard created by a super-successful team of Matterport Service Providers (that initially created the CAPTUR3D platform to manage their business.)

Once your Matterport scan is complete, your CAPTUR3D takes tasks off your plate and performs them while you – in the United States – are sleeping:

✅ Creating Matterport SnapShots
✅ Creating Matterport Highlight Reel
✅ Creating Matterport 3D Tour Player Skins (Branding, video, measurement tool, multi-tour and map integration)
✅ Creating Single Property Websites (branded, unbranded)
✅ Editing Matterport tours; including hiding unnecessary scans for the best 'walk around' experience
✅ Optimizing photos (file sizes)
✅ Creating 360º Images for Social Media
✅ Creating Advanced Matterport Analytics (including heat maps)
✅ Automatically sending Matterport Analytics to you and your Clients
✅ Delivering professionally branded content in one neat package

CAPTUR3D services services include:

Scheduling all bookings; including sending booking confirmations, reminders and updates

All this – and more for as low as USD $19 per tour (for WGAN Basic, Standard or Premium Members).

Plus, some optional extras too such as:

✅ 2D Schematic Floor plans
✅ 2D Site plans
✅ Photo editing


Special Offer for WGAN Forum Members

✅ Receive one (1) additional CAPTUR3D Property Pack on joining CAPTUR3D for free! For clarification, that’s a minimum of six (6) free Property Packs for WGAN Forum Members
✅ complete this WGAN form after you register for a free CAPTUR3D trial account
✅ the password automatically emailed to – along with 50+ other
free Member benefits – you when you join the free WGAN Forum [or Private Message me or see the May 1, 2019 WGAN Forum Newsletter]


Special Offer for WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members

✅ Receive one (1) additional CAPTUR3D Property Pack on sign-up. For clarification, that’s a minimum of six (6) free Property Packs for WGAN Forum Members
✅ complete this form after you register for a free CAPTUR3D trial account
✅ Receive 10% increase in CAPTUR3D property packs on Small (1), Medium (3) and Large (5) Plans
✅ complete this form after you upgrade your free CAPTUR3D trial account to Small, Medium or Large
✅ For the passwords for both forms, please see the Welcome Onboard Letter


CAPTUR3D Booking System
✅ Book in your Matterport 3D virtual tours using a quick and reliable booking system

➡️ Calendar – Quickly view your availability, then select a time and date that suits both you and your client
➡️ New Booking – Instantly make bookings within seconds! Meaning more 3D virtual tours for all!
➡️ Notification – Automated booking notifications will keep your client’s informed, ensuring your jobs run smoothly
➡️ Contact Directory – Store all of your contact information in an easy-to-locate database

CAPTUR3D Post Production
✅ Spend less time behind a screen and more time generating leads and completing jobs

➡️ 3D Virtual Tour OptimizationCAPTUR3D create the most efficient path through a space and turn off unnecessary sweeps
➡️ Highlight Reel Creation – Professionally trained experts capture and create high quality photographs and 360 images for your highlight reels
➡️ VR OptimizationCAPTUR3D reviews the VR pathway through all properties ensuring you are delivering high quality content
➡️ Information ReviewCAPTUR3D reviews the VR pathway through all properties ensuring you are delivering high quality content

CAPTUR3D Player Branding
✅ Build stronger brand awareness and stand out from the crowd

➡️ Player Skins – Building brand awareness for your company has never been easier when customizing your Matterport 3D virtual tours
➡️ Multi-Tour and Menu Overlay – Create a menu/navigation overlay to Include multiple Matterport 3D virtual tours into a single iframe URL, or a deep link menu to navigate single tours
➡️ Map Integration – Integrated Google Maps plugin showing location of the scan

CAPTUR3D Custom Marketing Content
✅ You can now easily order, manage and store all of your content in the one location

➡️ Floor and Site Plans – You can now order custom floor and site plans which will be delivered to you within 12-24 hours of the order confirmation
➡️ Photography and Matterport ImagesCAPTUR3D automatically downloads your Matterport 360 and highlight reel images and offer high quality photo retouching services
➡️ Video (coming soon) – Why not provide your clients with alternative marketing material with CAPTUR3D templated videos generating engaging content for your selected Matterport 3D virtual tours
➡️ One Page Website – All of the content generated from the Matterport 3D virtual tour is showcased on a beautifully designed One Page Website perfect for sharing

CAPTUR3D Delivery and Reports
✅ Provide professionally branded email deliveries and automated fortnightly analytics reports

➡️ Branded Email Delivery – Deliver all of your content with a click of a button in a professionally designed and customized email template
➡️ Automatic Analytics Reports – Analytics reports are automatically delivered to your clients on a fortnightly basis upon job completion
➡️ Analytics Dashboard - Easily track all of your Matterport 3D virtual tour analytics results from the one location with PDF and CSV downloading options available
➡️ Invoicing (coming soon) – Integration with all major accounting platforms allowing you to create invoices with ease

CAPTUR3D Custom URLs and Web Integration
✅ Maximize your digital presence, increase SEO and offer your clients password protect options

➡️ Custom URL Rerouting – Host all of your Matterport 3D virtual tours through your company’s domain
➡️ Password Protect – Provide security to clients that have sensitive information by offering Password Protect options
➡️ Web IntegrationCAPTUR3D internal development team created a guide to make implementing your Matterport 3D virtual tours easier
➡️ Social Media Sharing (coming soon) – At the click of a button simply share to all your connected social platforms

CAPTUR3D Personal Support
✅ If you have a question regarding Matterport or CAPTUR3D, the CAPTUR3D team has the answer

➡️ 24 Hour Customer Support – On-site and need help ASAP. Contact CAPTUR3D support line and a CAPTUR3D team member will walk you through the solution
➡️ Feedback Service – Do you want to receive feedback on how you can improve your Matterport 3D virtual tours?
➡️ Marketing and Sales Collateral – Marketing and sales collateral are available to all CAPTUR3D Members which can be easily customized and branded
➡️ Global Network – Do you have a booking request that is interstate or overseas? CAPTUR3D connects all CAPTUR3D Matterport Service Providers to create a global network offering

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Screen Grab from CAPTUR3D back-end.

Hi All,

WGAN Forum Members receive a total of six free CAPTUR3D Property Packs.

Use this form to request your free additional CAPTUR3D Property Pack. (Please Private Message me for the Password).

Not yet a We Get Around Network Forum Member? Create a free WGAN Forum Membership Account and automatically 50+ WGAN Forum Membership benefits, including the password for receiving a free CAPTUR3D Property Pack to take CAPTUR3D for a spin.


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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

If you are overwhelmed with doing Matterport post production in Matterport Workshop 3.0, that's just one of the reasons to take advantage of the CAPTUR3D free trial.

When you use CAPTUR3D, you will have:

✓ more time to scan
✓ more time to develop business
✓ more time with friends and family
✓ more sleep


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