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PlaceTech (3 April 2019) Matterport’s bold plan to scan 100 million buildings


[quoting from the article quoting James Morris-Manuel, EMEA director and UK managing director,*]

"a market cap of $500m"
"To date 1.6m assets have been scanned and photographed with Matterport cameras"
"'So, what that does for us as a business is it opens the doors and lowers the barriers to entry for customers to come into the ecosystem.'” [referencing Insta360 One X and Ricoh Theta V
"“Before, you had to buy a £3,000 camera to get into the Matterport environment. Now, you only have to buy a £300 camera and you can come into Matterport.”"
"Matterport’s three-step plan to reach 100m assets
1. Cheaper camera
2. International offices
3. Market segments
"'As we open the market into new segments and new verticals, that will also aid us getting to the 100 million scan number.”'
'“The launch of the cheaper camera model has gone really well, we can confirm the beta had 10x more sign ups then was predicted.”'

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PS "One day Matterport hopes the 3D software will be usable on iPhones and other smartphones, drastically increasing its likely take-up." [See WGAN Forum discussion: 10 Reasons Matterport will acquire GeoCV)

* LinkedIn shows a different title for James Morris-Manuel: Matterport Managing Director and Vice President of Europe, Middle East and Africa