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Video: How to Create Facebook Video Ads9202

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: How to Create Facebook Video Ads | Video courtesy of Cereal Entrepreneur Jordan Steen YouTube Channel

Hi All,

Was this video helpful to you?


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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Just as a warning and in order to help save time for others, Facebook does not like youtube videos anymore.

I recently run a video campaign on facebook and I was hoping to use Google Street View explainer video made by Google that was on youtube.

The problem with Facebook and Youtube is that Facebook no longer plays youtube videos inside Facebook and simply sends facebook users to to watch a video opening a new window for it. It does not make any sense to advertise that way as you want your viewers to stay with you(like your facebook page, follow it or go to your website etc) not to go to some third party leaving facebook and your adv.

As a result you cannot advertise anything that way.
I had to download that video from Google youtube channel and upload it to my facebook account just to overcome this problem.

It took me 2 hours googling, reading and googling again just to figure it out.

Also be very conservative about how much time you will need to create some type of advertisement on Facebook. Most things do not work as promised or do not work at all.

Almost one month later and only after a complaint(in a form a feedback to my facebook support experience) Facebook is still trying to figure out why my offer created as a facebook adv is stuck under "In Review" status. They cannot even figure it out having full access to their system and for some reason always asking me if my offer still under review everytime they contact me about this problem.

It went to this status right after I created it, it was not supposed to be shown until it passed their review but it was shown to my targeted audience anyway. Now my offer has been expired but it is still under review.

I can add more info about huge bugs in their Advertisement Manager that would drive anyone crazy but it may be too long to describe.

And yet I still believe Facebook is the best place to advertise Matterport services. With very little awareness about Matterport in some countries advertising it with Google or Bing as a search campaign is just a waste of money.
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