Video: Matterport into Autodesk ReCap and then into Autodesk Revit (Construction Site Example)

Video: Matterport into Autodesk Revit (Pump Room Example)

Hi All,

How to Import Matterport MatterPak into Autodesk ReCap and then into Autodesk Revit, is a video from Matterport Sales Engineer (AEC) Mark Carroll.

If you are working with an AEC Client – Architect - Engineer - Construction – and they ask you, "Can I use Matterport to begin a renovation project in Revit?" You can either watch these how to videos and explain to your client (or have your Client watch, if you feel like they will not buy a Matterport camera and cut you out of the scanning biz).

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P.S. It would be nice if Matterport did white-label videos and generically referred to the .zip file without saying where it came from ....

Here's an example of what that conversation sounds like:

Help please! If you do a 3D survey-can we take dimensions from the footage?