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Zillow 3D Home (yeah, should be 360° Home)9147

Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
In case you've been asleep, Zillow is rolling out 3D Home. Here's one that I actually shot months ago, but last week was able to finally connect to the listing as zip code 91302 was activated.

clickable text

Scroll down and you'll see that one image says "3D Panorama" in the top left corner. Click on this and you launch the 3D Home set of panos. FYI, Zillow told me that use of this process was going to give listings a search bump. So far, I see no evidence of that. This older listing seems to sit exactly where it would based simply on DOM (days on market) and a newer shoot I did, likewise, simply according to DOM. If this is true, it takes away motivation to use this system. Also, during tests I found Zillow gave a prominent plug to the photographer. That's been taken away. So Zillow seems to be hell-bent on discouraging both agents and photographers from using this new tool. Zillow? Are you reading this forum? Please say it ain't so. If I'm misinformed, I'd like to learn more.

It's great that Zillow is helping to expose the concept of 360 walkthroughs, but they should work hard at adding more cameras like the Insta 360 One X, and open the Panorama window to other (and better) systems like NodalView, maybe even GeoCV and Matterport. Hey, they're Zillow so they can do what they want to, but they'd help themselves by expanding options.
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SoldSquad private msg quote post Address this user
Zillow is unlikely to ever fully support Matterport - because the company that owns competitor is invested in MP. They DO allow a link to it, but they bury it pretty deeply in the listing info. (Whereas features MP tours with a link right from the first photo.)

Zillow used to give an extra boost to listings that had a video walkthrough tour, as well as featuring the tour link on the first photo, but both of those benefits appear to have since stopped.
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Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
Yes I’m aware of Zillow’s antipathy toward MP and the reason. All the more reason I hope they’ll be smart to engage with the others who offer tours better than Zillow’s own. By the way, @SoldSquad , charming photo! How could anyone not want to hire the two of you?!
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TrustedPhotoDC private msg quote post Address this user
Go to App Store and leave a 1 Star review for a product mis-named.

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