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Hi All,

1. Offer 2D schematic floor plans
2. Charge more (than you think) for 2D schematic floor plans (client branding will get you more $$$)

If you look at the rate cards of Matterport Service Providers, two things are obvious to me:

1. Many Matterport Service Providers do not offer 2D schematic floor plans
2. MSPs that offer Matterport Floor Plans often are not charging enough

Whether you include floor plans in a Bundle and/or offer as an Add On (Optional Extra), floor plans are one of the easiest ways to make more money with the least amount of effort.

Plus, when it comes to pricing, you should be able to price floor plans based on value received: not on the amount of time that it takes you to order them from Matterport, Blue-Sketch or MP2FP. (If you cut the Matterport logo off of their floor plans, you are in violation of their Terms of Service. Order from Blue-Sketch or MP2FP and get the floor plans with your Clients' logo and color theme and style.)

How to Sell More Floor Plans

When you deliver Matterport 3D Tours to the next 10 Clients, text providing a free floor plan as a thank you gift (and let your client know that if they would like Floor Plans like these in the future, they are $X more.)

1. If you are not offering 2D schematic floor plans, why not?
2. If you are charging less than $25, why are you not charging more?
3. As a result of this post, will you now offer floor plans?

Your thoughts?



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