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Matterport Newbie: “I need help and guidance. Where do I begin?”9116

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Any advice for this Matterport Newbie?


Originally Posted by @HJackson50
Good Evening Everyone,

My name is Harold Jackson. I have to say, this is very overwhelming for me. I am however excited to be here and in the 3D business. I just received my Pro2 from Matterport and not sure what type of marketing I should do. Should I sign up on KoaWare or market this new adventure myself? Bottom line is that I want to say goodbye to my day job and get right into marketing myself. I don't have any examples of my work to show so what do I do to show proof that I am worthy of someone's business? I need help and guidance. Where do I begin?

Thank You,

[redacted phone]
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TrustedPhotoDC private msg quote post Address this user
Should have written the business plan before buying a camera. Matterport may present a business in a box concept, but that is far from reality. Most don’t know, what they don’t know.

Pitfalls - over saturated markets, lack of experience, little to no knowledge of reality capture and needed additional skill sets, the gamble in moving from a paycheck to having to generate the cash flow to live on, knowing the real cost of running a business, and the total time needed to succeed.

The only way to learn is doing. Giving away tours will piss off the established players and make you an outcast and using other’s tours will show their ability and not yours.

My advice is to look at the most successful MP provider in your market and see if they need additional techs this season. Contact as many as you can. Without any skills, you are inexpensive to hire per hour and they may need the help.
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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
@HJackson50 - You're in the right place to get started. As indicated above, you got a sold a "business in a box concept". I suggest not quitting your current job anytime soon.

Get ready for countless nights of exhaustion in learning. You need a business plan and Dan has the resources to share with you. Spend the remainder of this month learning about this product. Look at Dans resource pages and use the search bar in the forum to follow up on different topics.

Dan refer's to Nathan Cool, a highly respected Real Estate Photographer and Author of many Real Estate Photography Books in his resource page - all about practice.

Dan has a whole Membership benefits page to consider when putting together your budget for pushing yourself out there in case his plan pricing page is found to be a little difficult to understand. There are so many bonuses here to help you launch with agent web pages from WP3D and others.

Dan even has a pricing calculator link at the top of this page. The ability to get all the skills are available. start poking around WGA, search the topics and then decide if you have more questions to post. Spend the next year invested as a member of the WGA community trying out the benefits Dan has brokered to our community to establish the part of being a Matterport Service Porvider and possibly other services.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

What PayPal address should I send $$$$$ ...?


While we created the WGAN Standard Membership for newbies, I'm not sure we can help you because it sounds like that you are not a good fit for Matterport.

I say that because:

1. For successful real estate photographers, Matterport is an Add On ... ROI begins with covering the cost of Matterport gear and accessories
2. For successful real estate agents, offering Matterport to other agents is a side hustle with an ROI goal to cover the cost of gear and accessories; and, perhaps, move beyond that
3. Unless you already have trusted relationships with friends and colleagues that can either engage you – or refer you – you are starting out with nothing. Real Estate agents want photos first, video second and either Matterport or Aerial. As @JonJ has stated elsewhere in the WGAN Forum, you would be best to learn and offer real estate photography – closer to a must have that it would be nice to have.

The best candidates for WGAN Standard Membership are:

✓ successful real estate photographers that want to add Matterport as an Add On
✓ successful real estate agents that want to shoot their own listings and offer Matterport as a side hustle

My experience with anyone trying to switch fields and start from scratch with Matterport is likely NOT to succeed.

If you disagree – and still want to move forward with Matterport – I would encourage you to outsource Matterport until you know that you can successfully develop enough business to then buy the Matterport Camera, Gear and Accessories.

Learning Matterport tech is not the hard part: it's business development.



That said, you still will be completing with professional photographers
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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
I was going to go with this one
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71422 5 5
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