Very frustrated today. Sent a message to MP support yesterday. No response today, even called them. Even FB Dee Johnson. Nothing. Rrrr. Maybe someone knows the answer here.

Two things -

1) I shot for another TGSVP. I thought He or I could upload to HIS GSV account via Matterport. Is this true? I read that I needed to add him as a collaborator, then editor on the scan. And, he would have access to use the App to GSV. True? Has anyone done this? Which leads me to #2

2) When I added him as a collaborator, he went in made an account, verified, etc. When he logs in to MP, nothing, no scan access. Nothing listed. And, he is still in the "pending" status in my account for collaborators.

Is the pending status the issue? With "pending" status resolved will he be able to use the GSV app to his gsv account?

Any ideas? TIA.

So frustrated.