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AdviceHighlights ReelproblemWorkshop 3.0

How do you build a highlight reel in New Matterport Workshop?9092

Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
I can't for the life of me figure out how to build a highlight reel in the new Matterport workshop, and I find that a bit disconcerting seeing how the legacy version is going to be switched off in a few months.

I know that when you're in the new workshop you can "Add View", and then take a snapshot which will then be added to highlight reel. That said, there doesn't appear to be any way to insert snapshots that you already have into that highlight reel, or am I missing something?

In the classic version its simple: you have all your snapshots showing up in the top area and you just drag them to the bottom bar. However, I don't see any mechanism like this in the new showcase.

Also, I don't see where you can toggle between slide show and walkthrough mode for highlight reel on the new showcase.

Has anyone figured it out?

For now I'm stuck using the legacy version, but I'm worried what will happen when they shut legacy off if all the existing tools aren't available in the new version as I make a highlight reel for almost every Matterport model we produce.

Help please!!!
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Nadir Patch
and MP2Edit
tresdepro private msg quote post Address this user
Someone correct if I'm wrong but I think you can't add snapshots anymore.
If you want to add a 360 view, you have to open the 360 photo first then click highlight reel and then click add view.
You can toggle between slide show and walkthrough mode just click the little gear (settings)
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Club Member
osakadave private msg quote post Address this user
I was hesitant at first, but having built several highlight reels in beta, I far prefer the new way. It is more streamlined I feel and more stable. I start in dollhouse and then add two views to highlight reel- one I use at the beginning and one at the end. I then walk around the tour and add to view, you can click and drag to rearrange. When in highlight reel mode, in the upper right of the screen there is an option to go to settings, click that to toggle between walkthrough or slideshow view. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Wonderdawg private msg quote post Address this user
It’s more simpler and elegant for me. I select the highlight and then toggle back to the photo icon for a snapshot. From there, I move on to the next scene and do a snapshot and then toggle back to highlight. So it’s a back and forth rhythm thing!
I think the settings are at the bottom right to show the highlight reel and walking tour.
Best, (after publishing and before sharing) I like the highlight reel functionality. Play back the highlight reel and if it pans differently than what you expected, pause and switch to edit. Position the image again, hit highlight and it drops another image below in the reel. Delete the previous one in the reel and publish before playback.
There’s no need to get a snapshot as you’ve already obtained the image you wanted.
Click on the tab on the left for photos, select all and download.They can be surprisingly acceptable for a Matterport Pro2.
Tip: keep the verticals correct for a professional look.
Hop this helps!
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cswartz private msg quote post Address this user
Well, I am also feeling a little stupid and I also provide highlight reels for all of my tours. I previously chose the photos (that already exist with labels) and dragged them into the highlight reel I could rearrange, add, delete, etc but now I can't, or at least not smart enough to do so. I am also weary of the pending removal of the legacy workshop.

So unless I am missing something, I now have to capture the images I want, label them individually and then place them into the highlight reel. So the new workshop has caused additional steps for me to take in the interest of what? And why do they bother to automatically provide labeled photos that I can't use in the reel?
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fotoguy private msg quote post Address this user
I know change is hard but this does seem like one extra step for us. Now I have to go through the entire house again and get photos. It appears in the future after I take a snapshot, I need to toggle down to the highlight real and take a second shot. Redundant. I agree, what is the purpose of the labeled shots at this point?
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fotoguy private msg quote post Address this user
I don't understand how to get my 360 view of the house on to the hightlight reel. I saw another post but still confused.
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cswartz private msg quote post Address this user
So, I am not sure if I've just awoken from a deep, dark sleep. Here's what I said above:

"So unless I am missing something .........blah, blah...................."

While creating my latest highlight reel, I noticed a button beside the "ADD VIEW" option that allows for integration of all photos including the pre-labeled ones. This actually is easier that having to manually drag all photos into the reel, so it actually saves me time.

So, I suppose I should be "feeling a little stupid" as I originally thought!

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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
@cswartz You aren't crazy and you didn't awake from any deep, dark sleep... Matterport simply did an update which I haven't seen announced anywhere other than their User Group Facebook Page.

Here's what was posted:

"We added something new in Workshop today... did you see it yet? Workshop 3 now lets you easily add Photos to your Highlight Reel!

Whether you use the automatic photos we make for you, or you like taking your own photos in Workshop, it's now much quicker to use those photos directly in the Highlight Reel.

We've also made several improvements to tours, mattertags, and the SDK, here are the full release notes for today's changes:
- Workshop: Add Photos to highlight reel
- Tours: Improved transitions
- Tours: Thumbnail numbers no longer display 0.
- Workshop: Scans list updates properly when added to highlight reel.
- Workshop: Fix a floor renaming issue.
- Workshop: Mattertag links no longer disappear when editing them.
- Workshop: Mattertag “Done” button enables when creating/editing links.
- SDK: Sweep.moveTo rotation issue addressed.
- SDK: Mode.switchToMode no longer fails if called before model finishes loading"
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