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Hi All,

A WGAN Member writes ...


Hi Dan, just a quick question.
I am doing [nearly 100] condos and two main building at this resort ([website redacted].

Are there any maps or other tricks I can use or have a third party do that can make this huge property look and feel better?



Hi [redacted]

Congrats on your 77 condo project. Exciting!

Thanks for asking ...

ThreeSixty Tours would be a great addition to your project.

Ideally, you use an aerial view of the resort to annotate with Matterport 3D Tours, video, photos, etc. You could also embed a Google Maps Street View.

This is a great way to differentiate your Matterport Service Provider business. Your client will this and will be a great example for you to show the next resort property client.

WP3D Models WordPress Plugin plays nice with ThreeSixty Tours too. So, you could annotate the aerial with links to WP3D Models (full screen view of the Matterport 3D Tours). You can embed your client's logo in each tour and you get the benefit of the SEO.

I also recommend Studeo - interactive storybooks – for your project. Studeo (Neighourhood example) beautifully showcases Matterport 3D Tours, Video, Gifs and text.

I will anonymize your question and post to the WGAN Forum to help crowdsource other suggestions.



P.S. WGAN Standard Members get the free use of ThreeSixty Tours and WP3D Models WordPress Plugin. Plus, half-off