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AdviceCritiqueMy First ScanNewbieScanning

First Matterport scans to Critique9078

sidcam private msg quote post Address this user
These are my first two scans (that have been used, there was one before it that didn't get used).

I'm not happy with the navigation of the final product. It's not as natural as others I've seen. There's also one walk-in closet that's hard to navigate into because it needed another scan before the closet door and I've found myself in another room's mirror twice (so far). Haven't found the right balance between having too many scans and having enough to make the navigation feel natural.

Any advice is appreciated.

Later this week I'm going to play around with editing, creating a tour inside the scan, etc. I'm using WP3D for single property sites.
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JonJ private msg quote post Address this user
Hi sidcam.

Congratulations on your first couple of scans!

I reviewed the first model that you posted and thought that you a did a good job. It sounds like you already know what corrections you need to make in terms of scan positioning, but for some advice, I like to scan in a straight line down hallways or in open spaces. I also scan at every intersection and in the corner of rooms. This is done so that I can make sure that I do not leave any "holes" in my model and can take a snapshot if I need to grab a photo from the tour. Additional tips would be to lower the tripod so that the middle sensor the camera is at about 4 feet off of the ground. When navigating your tour, I feel like a giant and there proportions between the floor and ceiling are unbalanced. Lowering the tripod will also provide you with better photos if you decide to extract any images. Another tripod tip would be to collapse one of the legs and extend the center column of the tripod. This will make it easier to put the tripod in tight spaces, move the camera around and it will not look as bad in mirror shots. Finally, for the Sunset Forest scan, I had difficulty leaving the back room on the first floor. It looks as though you scanned through the bathroom to get to that room instead of the hallway. In the future, make sure you scan in enough places so that a person can navigate to and from a room from all entry/exit points.

I hope these few tips help and keep up the good work!
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sidcam private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the advice JonJ!

I got the camera a year ago and took one scan that was never used, then life got in the way and I didn't use it again until last week. Naturally, I got onsite before it occurred to me I probably should have read up on how to do the scans again!

So, now I'm remembering things I read about height...

I'm using the carbon fiber version of the Manfrotto tripod Matterport recommended (055 maybe?). A year ago, I read to scan at about 5 foot 2 inches (or something close to that). Don't remember where I read it, but at the time that measured to maybe one inch lower than the height of the tripod with legs fully extended but with the shaft all the way down. Naturally I also forgot a tape measure last week, so I just went with legs fully extended and the shaft down.

However dropping a section of the legs and shooting at 4 foot would really help with cameras in the mirrors and for that matter navigating stairwells and tight spaces. My question is, do you find tall furniture (chairs with high backs, etc) get in the way at that height?

I did shoot my motorhome with my Ricoh Theta once and noticed that dropping the tripod really helped to keep the ceiling from closing in. However with that I think the first round was probably closer to my eye level (and I'm 6' 3".

Would love to hear what height others are shooting at as well.

Thanks again!
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Kumar private msg quote post Address this user
middle level lens of MP at 4' to 4'5" is max preferred height for me for most cases.
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