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HTC’s ‘6DOF Lite’ Mode Adds Volumetric Depth To 360 Video9008

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

VR Scout (28 March 2019) HTC’s ‘6DOF Lite’ Mode Adds Volumetric Depth To 360 Video

Seems like if HTC can convert 360º video to volumetric depth, we might see 360º video as another capture solution for Matterport, Cupix and GeoCV.

"During this years HTC Vive Ecosystem Conference, HTC unveiled a new service that injects 6DOF functionality into a conventional monoscopic 360-degree video, allowing users to move their heads in any direction up to one meter," says VR Scout. "According to Skarredghost, ‘6DOF Lite’ mode is capable of automatically converting existing monoscopic 360 into full volumetric video minus the need for expensive photogrammetry, volumetric, or lightfield camera technology. This could be a game-changer for 360-degree content, which–while an interesting format–has so far failed to find mainstream appeal among those unfamiliar with VR."

Your thoughts?

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Coquitlam CAN
Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Wow that's awesome
I think we will still need outside in for a while though but this is a great step forward. Much like the iPhone 3d photos that people are posting on Facebook now
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I would not even say WOW as there is no practical application for something I would call artificial rendering for real object. If you look at their Christmas tree example you can see the problem when they try to look at it from the right side.

If there is no real data captured from all angles nobody can show properly or real what does not exist in this data.

But that's about video only. Photos of some objects can be taken from many angles and stitched to create some realistic 3d model of a real object.

I posted a link to some open free software video n drone deploy thread that can do it. And all this 3d mapping with drones is almost the same apart that they also rely on GPS data stored inside each image.

And 3D mapping with drones can be quite impressive with resolution. If I fly mine at 45m height I will get resolution when each pixel represents 20 mm on a ground level. If I fly slightly below 7m I will get resolution of 2mm per pixel. So technically if there is say 50mm long frog sitting on the ground and I am below 7 meters capturing I could see its blurry 3d shape if I zoom close by.
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Coquitlam CAN
Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Images are easier of course, we do photogrammetry all the time. A slight movement in a headset makes all the difference. I get that it's not perfect but it's a huge leap considering the more expensive tech required to capture anything like this. I can see doing a 360 photo in multiple areas near your main shooting spot to help with this as well. It's a great start
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RichardStanton private msg quote post Address this user
Yes, this technology if looked at through the lens of yet another format in the world of a standards driven communication medium then it might seem unremarkable. We all go in with a certain assumed understanding but we still have barely scratched the surface of how to use it to communicate in *different* ways. I understood for the very first time the color blindness that one of my long time employees and fellow photographer/friend lives with because VR changed the paradigm. One brilliant session, in a real world scenario living with his view of the world.. just clicked. I haven't asked him what it is like again since that day. Immersive video is in much the same boat. If any of you have a VR headset, or access to one on a good PC, see if you can have someone show you the game "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice" just the opening credits and experience. Many things going against it... a game that was augmented for VR after the fact.. 3rd person omniscient viewpoint.. things that should break immersion.. but wow I challenge anyone to watch it and not see a glimpse of the future of video and immersive experience through these new mediums. If we can elicit such a powerful visceral response when jury rigging and form fitting to our understanding on many levels.. imagine when we have mastered it and the medium is produced on from the core out. I for one feel very very lucky to be on this world, at this time, to witness the first blips of true understanding start to spread. Much of what we do here is a big part of what will ultimately help the medium break into ubiquity... through a need understood by many and delivered in a way a layman can understand and appreciate. Foot. In. The. Door!
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Kumar private msg quote post Address this user
I believe they can spend less time on 3D spaces than videos - where there is more data for different perception along with depth information to achieve better and more meaningful results.

It will be a wonderful and worthy experience to have true navigation in 3D spaces from likes of MP and GCV than the videos.

I hope someone else too thinking of it.
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Coquitlam CAN
Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
I've brought the obj file into sketchup and pushed it to a wireless vive pro headset. We have a large 35x35 space that you can explore the whole area. It's an interesting experience. The walls and floor come up well but any thing inside is always iffy. We have added and cha GED things on the fly using this method and it works great for clients to see their own space in a walking environment rather than jumping. The 6dof defiantly helps the experience
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Kumar private msg quote post Address this user
@Jamie, No doubt - with CAD data you can.
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71529 8 8
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