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For Sale By Owner8964

eggardner private msg quote post Address this user
Is anybody targeting For Sale By Owner clients in their area and how is that working out? If you are, can you share a little bit about how you are going about promoting your service to this category of home seller?
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BrokerBruce private msg quote post Address this user
Well I am a Realtor® and I gave it one shot a while back. My approach was I would do the Matterport for a normal price and they could use it for 30 days. If they didn't have it sold in 30 days I would list it for them and rebate the cost of the tour at closing or I would pull the tour at the end of the thirty days if they decided not to list. He never acted on it. I would be interested as well in how folks are approaching the FSBO with Matterport.
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eggardner private msg quote post Address this user
I’m a realtor too, Bruce, but I don’t really practice although I’m under a broker. I really want to pick up more photography, Videography and virtual tour clients who are FSBO. I’ve done a few where they’ve found me in the organic rankings, but I’d like to do more as they are so easy to work with.
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Sarasota, Florida
BlueImmersiveMedia private msg quote post Address this user

I spent considerable time on it. Im in the process of completely changing my approach. I set up a website, services and hired person to call on the FSBO. Ive learn alot about the market after a series of tests.

In my experience FSBO's are a tough crowd. Most dont want to invest, thats why they are selling it themselves. They get a ton of calls from Realtors. So they are tired of the phone calls once you reach them.

There is a short window from the time they list -to the time they finally hire a realtor or take it off the market. So, you are always working on a new sale. The sales process is short. There is little nurturing.

My current website and approach is too complicated. Im skinning down and just doing the 3D tour and images. The website, brochure (etc) that I thought would be a great sell... too much for them. They just want to sell their property. Images and 3D tour to link to, is my new approach.

Im also changing the calling approach. The person I had was not the right match.

I did a series of White Papers and inbound pieces. I'll still use them.

My market test was- 1000 calls in month. Not one sale. Yup... sucked.

Here my current (old) site and marketing... its getting simplified. Along with the FB page and group "support for FSBO"... they're off now. Keeping it simple.

I'll head out with the new approach soon. More testing...

Walk This Property

Anyone with a similar experience?
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BrokerBruce private msg quote post Address this user
BlueImmersive. Thanks for your insight and I agree they are a tough crowd with a short window of opportunity. Keep us posted on how it goes. Hopefully you are closing in on the winning combination.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by BlueImmersiveMedia
My market test was- 1000 calls in month. Not one sale. Yup... sucked.

Can you please collaborate on feedback from these calls? Why there was not a single sale? What most of them said why they did not want to use a tour?

I understand this kind of customers as those trying to save on an agent commission but tours are a marketing thing and also a tool that are supposed to make process of finding buyers easier and run it without scheduled inspections.

I know inspections alone can be a big pain for this type of sellers so they should be happy to use virtual tours just to save their time and be hasslefree with inspections.
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