I've just double checked Matterport's hosting fees, and their sales page.

The fees and explanation regarding this has changed.

On the purchase page where you specify which camera you plan to purchase and the associated hosting platform, when the Pro 2 Lite camera is selected which previously received no free processing credits unlike the Pro 2. It no longer changes and appears that you now get three free processing credits with the basic hosting plan and the fee is £16 - now I cannot see Matterport reducing their prices and expect that this is just another unclear message. Link - https://buy.matterport.com/

In terms of false advertising, I could of purchased the Pro 2 Lite camera in that moment, with the basic hosting plan expecting the free credits only to be shocked when it came to processing a model. No * is used as it previously did either to specify between the different fees for each version of the camera.

I have since found another page specifying the different fees - https://support.matterport.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000296927-Matterport-Price-List here is the link(updates 7 days ago) . Add it confirms that the charges have no changes, just the amount for over 100 scans for those who have the Pro 2 camera, as mentioned in this forum recently.

This web page is not clear and is misleading, another bad indication.