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Technical/Construction Documentation with 3D tour8925

Kumar private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all,

Anyone here using 3D tour for technical documentation? I would like to get in touch for specifics on know hows. It would be great to know if there are any shareable content for better understanding on how to/what to pitch? As well if any expertise up for consultation on case basis?
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Adjusters_IO private msg quote post Address this user
Good day,

If you are looking to sell 3D scanning services to folks in the construction/contracting/design/architecture business, consider how they will benefit from using it (capt obvious here). Here is what we have found, and we are a technology focused adjusting/consulting firm that uses 3D as a part of our business, rather than it being our business:

- The number one reason why anyone from those industries will spend money on 3D is to collaborate in an immersive way. Where video and photos will not cut it. We make heavy use of Mattertags and embedded media to focus the variety of technical and business requirements.
- Consider partnering up with a company in your area that specializes in estimating for the restoration/adjusting industries. Matterport just attended the defacto standard of shows where these people are (Insights).

Michael Clendening
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Kumar private msg quote post Address this user

Thanks for responding. The region I am in (India) the scope for estimation is not seen yet - also could be because I am not from that community. I have clients with new construction underway and would prefer focus on those than restoration or estimation category. So far I haven't been successful in getting new ongoing projects adopt 3D tour and it is difficult to think of other side of it.

Any sound report on how the tours help speed up, fool proof the project delivery will be great to read on.
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Kumar private msg quote post Address this user
For discussion,

Typical factors:

I am not totally convinced with the amount of time spent by field measurements vs scan+post process
All said and done, there has to be limited number of measures documented (anything and everything is useful? required?).

Delay/speed up execution:
In most projects it is capital/resources and legal factors that cause delay - may be less than 5% projects are handed over on or before projected timeline.

LOD 500 (I believe this is the correct code demanding for scanned data) is not a standard here yet.

Advantages of 3D content post construction:
How often is it post construction for repair purposes? When you weigh in commercial viability is it worth?

Fool proofing the reporting/construction:
As the content is available all the time - one can subject to scrutiny and be assured.
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Adjusters_IO private msg quote post Address this user

Back to the main reason we see folks in the new construction business spend the money for scanning is - Collaboration. The average house we scan is in the $4mil price range, and it is typically the owners 2nd or 3rd (other) home. And when all parties involved in the project are rarely in the same town/state/country, giving them a way to walk-through the different phases of the project, from where ever they are, more than justifies the $5k we charge for scanning (average 5 scans @$1K per).

Being that this is not our core business, we really promote it or provide anything other than the scan and access to it. However, we encourage collaboration by allowing anyone on the project, that has been trained a little, to create MatterTags and provide other items like photos and such.

BTW, I have been to Bangalore many times. I was the CTO for a company called Knoah Solutions (Hyderabad) back 10 years ago.

Michael Clendening
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Kumar private msg quote post Address this user

Totally agree on the collaboration factor, win-win for everyone there.

At present "3D tour" has been my core business, I don't get the clear picture you have. Based on limited contacts in civil engineering the response has been negative so far.
I will be spending some more quality time with the developers (most cases being community projects not single villa) to understand and position the services - could be at cost to begin with but will try a couple.

Glad to know of your presence here, will be more than happy to catch up on your next visit here.
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