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Alignment ErrorBad ScanCaptureErrorproblemScanningUrgen

Alignment Chaos8878

Shakoure private msg quote post Address this user
So... Did a large office space for a commercial client. Near the end of the scanning, I noticed entire rooms were sitting on top of other rooms. I've done several dozen tours... this is the first time this has happened. There was no time to reshoot as the office closes at a certain time and they have a staff of over 30 employees who all agreed to be featured at their cubicles. So reshooting is likely not an option.

Anyone know whether there's a way to manually reposition or restitch the scans? Willing to pay for a solution.
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

I suggest reaching out to Matterport support. In the mean time, submit the scan for processing.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you had a scan end up in the wrong place and subsequent scans attached to that scan.

This problem is typically a result of a similar pattern where the scan thinks it belongs there instead of here.

In the future, best practice is to eye-ball that each scan is where you expect it on the Matterport mini-map.

Please let us know what Matterport Support says.


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June private msg quote post Address this user
Not manually but if you ask Dee she will try her best (and succeed) at putting the scans in the correct room. I had this happen to me before and she fixed it. Just don’t start editing your space until she sends it back to you. It didn’t take her long in my case. The reason it happened for me was because there was a wall that had mirrors all over it. Message her ASAP. It would be nice though if we did have that option!
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Shakoure private msg quote post Address this user
@June ...such a good point, June. So many other tour editors give you placement and alignment tools, except for the "world's leading" virtual tour platform. This one was sudden... one minute things looked fine, next minute scans were all over the place. I don't understand how so many scans can end up misaligned between a couple of scans.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
@Shakoure ...

As @DanSmigrod mentioned, it was probably one rogue scan and then if was all downhill from there.

For future reference it might be more time effective when you first notice it to stop, delete the last few scan points and start going again from where you were before the misalignment first occurred.

You know the saying... A stitch in time saves nine.

Better a few wasted minutes on site than much more later.
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Shakoure private msg quote post Address this user
@Queen_City_3D ... yeah, that's usually my practice. But because time was limited on this shoot (the client's point person came in late), I had to work against the clock and didn't have the luxury to check every single scan before shooting the next. However, this anomaly was sudden. One minute things seemed fine since my last check, then the next minute, it was utter chaos. Due to time constraints, it was not possible to delete scans and reshoot. So, I decided to finish and see what could be possible in post.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
@Shakoure I hear you... We can only do what we can with what we've been given!
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