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MarketingObjectionsQuestion of the DaySilly

Question of the Day: What's the silliest objection that you have heard?8875

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Tuesday, 12 March 2018) is:

What's the silliest objection that you have heard?



P.S. This question is inspired by this WGAN Forum post in this WGAN Forum discussion:

Originally Posted by @Wingman
Just right now my friend has come to visit me. He runs a corporate rental with serviced apartments. He was my first client with two tours ordered and his idea to have them was to stop complaints from customers who did not like(for different reasons) the apartment they rented from him.

After he did the tours he started sending a tour via email to any potential client before they make booking. He said that he did not get any complaint after that.

However when he came today he mentioned that he talked to his main office(his business is a franchise) to a person who is responsible for marketing. They said they do not like virtual tours because they show all details and people can see every problem in a apartment. So they refused to put his tours on a corporate website. Just like that killing his business because he was already thinking about quitting it.

Try to object it as this so called marketing person(not even a real estate agent) talking nonsense in my opinion. You would think they want to make a customer happy but in fact it seems they only care of a customer booking something without seeing it in every detail.
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Kumar private msg quote post Address this user
"We want people to visit the site (as if they make sure of deal on the spot 🎃) if they take tour they will avoid visiting."

This is for NEWLY built demo/model flats.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Yes Kumar, that was the first "no" heard by me from an agent when we offered him to use a virtual tour. They want to collect details from visiting people to get some future leads for selling by these people or by offering them another property.

Dan also created "a question of the day" for that one a few weeks ago. There is nothing to object imho, I just do not think a person would talk again to an agent who did some dodgy work by supplying staged and manipulated photos. However these agents would think it helps.

I can understand when they did not tell you about invisible problems(even though I believe people should be honest) but I do not understand hiding visible ones from photographs and not mentioning them anywhere. People will come and see them, some will never deal with the same agent again so it is just nonsense to me.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by Wingman
Yes Kumar, that was the first "no" heard by me from an agent when we offered him to use a virtual tour. They want to collect details from visiting people to get some future leads for selling by these people or by offering them another property.

Actually I have thought about it and it is not a big problem to create an interface to collect some data from a tour viewer in order to access a tour. Sure it will reduce the number of people wanting to access a tour but may be nobody wants to collect details from curious and bored customers.

The way it can be done is through a third party plugin(layer) that is hiding a tour behind until a viewer enters their mobile, email and name. Then a verification code is sent to either email or mobile and the viewer can enter it to unlock a tour.

That way agents that want to collect data for future leads will get it in a normal digital format(no need to write it down or move from an agent notepad to any digital format.

The only question is: Is it worth it? Is it really the reason why some agents do not want to use virtual tours?

And also while I am here with ideas how hard is to implement voice communication into a tour itself? This is a bit rhetorical question as with my web developer experience I know it can be done. This will unlock a huge potential when a viewer can open a voice chat with somebody in an agency and ask questions about a property while they are inside a tour. As an addition to it a viewer position inside a property can be synchronized with a help person from an agency meaning that the help person will have the same view inside the tour as the viewer.

Happy to get these two ideas moved to a new thread for discussion. I know Matterport will be too slow to implement it even if they like them but we have at least two good plugins and may be if there is a lot of interest in having them implemented it will be done fast.

Also voice communication through a tour can be a good idea for business tours when customers can chat with a business support person from inside a tour and book/buy whatever they want without any need to call on landline/mobile.
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RichardStanton private msg quote post Address this user
It think that's a good idea, but it cannot be overly open ended. Staffing chat of any kind, let alone voice is incredibly expensive and to get the answers they need you might have to employ resources whom would be better serving to the business out in the field. That being said, there is a concept very similar to what you are talking about in a few VR applications that I have used. Namely they have a concept of a joint session between the potential buyer and a sales representative to facilitate an interactive experience jointly. In the case of one of the VR apps I am thinking of the scenario is of a learner and a teacher, but the concept is the same - they interact in any chosen shared virtual space, can provide markup directly to the environment, etc. I would think a similar capability could be relatively easy to string together using a combination of open house scheduling (persistent person on deck if desired) and/or scheduled online connections leveraging any number of online meeting providers and their existing capabilities. I also think people could do more with media laden mattertags, like a sound cloud audio introduction to various sections of the property kicked off by an event trigger of some sort etc. Hmm must play with a few of those!
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for your feedback. Why do you think that voice is expensive? It will just go as IP traffic with voice over IP technology and it will only cost an agent a mobile data. However it is not that much of data and coded it can generate a little traffic.

It should not be a specially employed person, it can be an agent that has an app installed on his phone. When somebody calls from a tour it will just start loading it to an actual viewer position. The rest will just go as it happens on an actual property question when a buyer walk through a property with an agent. It can also have some kind of a pointer implemented so a viewer can point to some things from a tour. It is just in case they want to enquire about some feature they see but cannot explain it in words.

As for business, not sure how teacher/student will work in a tour unless you mean some training when a trainee need to be in some real environment and then a trainer leads him through a tour and explains and shows things. That can be helpful for a head office to train their staff at branches without even going there.

I would never thought about some staff training through a tour however it was one of our client idea. I was not present at meeting with them but when my partner told me he offered a tour to them as a business tour for their shops they liked it in general and told it would be great for training their staff at branches. They are running a furniture business and have stores all over Australia.
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