Hi All,

Which client would you like to have:

Option 1: a Client that engages you to do one Matterport scan a year?
Option 2: a Client that engages you to do 10 Matterport scans a year?
Option 3: a Client that engages you to do 100 Matterport scans a year?

While we all would likely unanimously agree on Option 3, are you marketing efforts focused on Option 1 and 2?

It likely takes as much time to develop the business for Option 1 as it does for Option 2 and Option 3, yet, are you mindful of focusing on Option 3?

Who buys 100 Matterport scans a year?

Turns out there are many Matterport Service Providers that are using the WGAN Find a Matterport Pro Map to source Pros because they have cracked the secret code of success as a Matterport Service Provider.

They successfully developed Matterport scanning business for a local client that has a need for Matterport scans in many markets.

Then, they simply outsource Matterport scanning and make the difference between what they charge a client and what they pay a Pro.

Are you being strategic in building your Matterport Service Provider business?