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Matterport Capture 3.0 Beta with Insta360 One X and Ricoh Theta V8805

Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Please share Matterport 3D Tours that you have shot with Matterport Capture 3.0 Beta with an Insta360 One X and/or Ricoh Theta V.

Feel free to share here or start a new WGAN Forum discussion.


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ahojman private msg quote post Address this user
I think Insta360 One X is not ready yet.
Am I wrong?
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whereareweat private msg quote post Address this user
Latest update on the 14th

Insta360 ONE X support is now available in a limited fashion: see this link for pre-release firmware and instructions on how to install it on your camera:

Being in a beta you should check the notes in testflight app
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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
Think I'll wait until the integrate the Ricoh Theta Z1. I would imagine the quality would be much better.
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tour3dpl private msg quote post Address this user
1st test with different conditions - Insta 360 One X
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tour3dpl private msg quote post Address this user
2nd test - Insta 360 One x
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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
Not impressed
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wausau360 private msg quote post Address this user
I dont think this is a platform to be super critical about. This workflow is not intended to be for the $1M plus property. However, if it can generate interest in offering low quality 3d scans to the $100K and above market, whats the problem with that?
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topviewnz private msg quote post Address this user
Looking at the second test. Looks like a better setup for small/tight spaces. From the dolls house position looks like it might handle being very close to objects better.

Few stitching errors when very close to the white book case.

Looks like it struggles badly with poor lighting.
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RichardStanton private msg quote post Address this user
So, I have been using my One X for about 2 weeks now, but as a supplement to my Pro II, not a replacement (and, well, playing with the bullet time video and other too-cool to ignore video features despite not being directly relevant :angel. I just wrapped up first pass on a test model swapping it in at a few different stages, and for the size and speed it's really quite capable so far. I am not holding any of my tests fully true yet, though, as it's clear that the Capture app is not using the camera to its capabilities. First there is a Matterport sized puck above and below the capture even though it's on a monopod tri-stand and should have nothing over head. It's also clearly not shooting at maximum resolution. Even so, though, I bounce in and out a few places as a test and if I had not had the height a bit different you would most likely blow right by it on a tour with no suspicion of a lens/sensor change. Low light, demonstrably sucks for the most part, however the OneX can shoot HDR quite well in it's native software, and it's clear the Matterport Capture shot fired is NOT HDR as you do not hear the 3 snaps go off (and the results would look demonstrably different if it did). I was able to drop it in a very tight bathroom with an inward opening door, though, where the MP simply would not fit in a reasonable way and it got the shot.

I'm holding complete judgement until I am convinced their integration is doing all that it can/should, though there is quite a possibility that some of it's capabilities may be intentionally held back to mitigate direct competition through their own platform. Even as it stands now, with limited support, I can already say that it continue to be a regular kit component.
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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
@RichardStanton can you post the results?
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RichardStanton private msg quote post Address this user
@rzphotoman absolutely will-do - I am correcting a few flow mistakes and swapping out some intentionally "silly" place holder matter tags before I do. It is already public though, so if you are not the waiting type and can look past some work-in-progress data, feel free to PM me and I can send you the link privately. Either way I shall post it for all soon!
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RichardStanton private msg quote post Address this user
FYI got busy and forgot to reply back to this thread! I did a quick and dirty demo space for my Brother's biz where I sprinkled in 360 data etc. If you look at the two navigation points just in front of the starting point mid-driveway (they are right next to eachother) you will find two similar shots live/visible for a side by side example. Since we're all photographers for the most part I am sure you can tell which is which immediately, but if not, the Insta shot you can see the monopod dimly in the distant reflection and a slightly lower POV (also intentional) It is a good illustrative example of how they stack up quality wise. I used it in other spots, but mostly I used it as data points for capturing more data.

My thoughts so far? Obviously picture wise the Insta360 One X doesn't really hold up to the Matterport, but it is in no way bad at all. In fact I would say that the majority of the time you could slip a 360-only nav point in a space and if you kept height etc. consistent with your MP shots, most people would probably blow right through them without a thought. What I did find immediately HUGE, though, is how the 360 and Cortex and flesh out the Mesh like CRAZY. This is a huge deal for us if it consistently proves to be able to fill in all those holes - it makes for a much cleaner consistent mesh. I hope to illustrated this soon as I am working on a large commercial space right now for which I am deploying the Insta360 One X in a mixed-device shoot. I already did a preliminary run-through and test as I was concerned about my alignment getting corrupted, or other strangeness, but the tests are in and I'm going to push forward on it. One guidance I would give if using the 360 (actually it's a good practice anyaway), you definitely need to manually check alignment on every single Cortex or 360 shot you do, at least until you get a feel for it. Right now, in the Beta at least, it will unceremoniously align a shot at some random spot (usually with similar lighting) in the middle of your space without a word ab out it.. and that's not fun to find LATER down the shoot...

So, in summary I think they can add a lot value in the kit for sure. How much value? I hope to tell in the coming days with this next space (I will post it for those that are interested as well if desired?) Also, the software lifecycle of Insta360 and MP will likely weigh into it. One thing I know is that in the demo above, the One X is not taking advantage of the HDR capabilities of the camera (it couldn't have because it was only enabled in their firmware a few revs later), where the MP IS leveraging it (you can tell that quickly by looking at how they handle the reflection in the window, respectively) Now that the capability is in the firmware, I hear that the next MP update may leverage the feature which could make a pretty huge difference in results (especially low light shots where the 360 cameras perform universally "meh" I am hoping that might be soon so that I can get this next space with both process changes AND the update in play. If not, I will press forward and test the HDR integration later.

Again, sorry for the novella, impressed if you didn't manage to nod off before the end.

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Nodalview Pitdulac private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Richard,
Can you confirm the "510 Granite Way" tour has been shot with an Insta360 One X ?
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