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Uploading to the Wrong Matterport Account8766

Matt19 private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all,

Last night I get home and upload a model without noticing that I was on the collaborators account verses my account (the one I want to upload to). I then reach out to the collaborator admin and ask him to delete it since I will re-upload to my account to avoid paying an additional 19.00 for processing to him. He then tells me he cannot delete it while it is processing and his account will be charged since it was the first one it was uploaded to. After re-uploading to my account I see there was delete button but when I click on the delete button it says it "can't be deleted while in processing".

I call Matterport because I am thinking a company that we have paid good money to will be able to fix this minor issue. First call at 8:05 am CST no answer and I look back at my notes and see that they don't open till 9 am CST. Then I call back again at 9:25 am no answer. Then I try again at 9:32 am and speak to Adria(or however you spell her name) who I have spoken to one other time and thinking she will be able to help me. She tells me unfortunately there is nothing she can do about extra charges. Frustrated I tell her there should be prompt from the system that asks me which account I want to upload to. To which she tells there is but you have to log out of capture and it will then ask you next time you log back in. Frustrated with that answer I ask her, "do you log out of all your apps or do you like the convenience of being able to stay logged in?" to which she then says, "I agree with you that it should prompt you". So to the point of the that I feel a little better!

1) Do you guys/gals log out of your capture app every time?
2) Do you think Matterport should prompt you asking which account to upload to?
3) Has this happened to anyone else or am I the only one?

I did ask for refund of the 19.00 but she said they can't do that.

I love many things about Matterport but these sort of things seem to be a major reason why so many are willing to jump ship once the next best thing comes along.

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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
I share your frustration as I’ve done the same thing. I contacted the company which I serve as a collaborator and they transferred the built model to my account. I reimbursed the $19 to them.

A confirmation pop-up would be helpful, but I’ve just learned to check each time before hitting “upload”. I do not usually log out.

I’d love to see this on MPs wish list, but not as priority as many other tweaks since I have the ability to avoid the mistake. MP is a great system and I appreciate that they have a lot on their plate to keep it growing and evolving.

Their only moves which inspire my contempt are when they undercut their MSPs, taking actions to drive our labor to a lowest common denominator. There is a sound (economic, not human) argument that Uber drivers are both interchangeable and, ultimately expendable. Self-driving Ubers are coming. But MP is not as simple, turnkey, as their marketing dept sells. Great MSPs deliver better work than first-timers.

Moves toward devaluation of the person operating the camera and editing the tour are insulting, and these are where we MSPs must focus our disdain, whether at MP or any other walkthrough tour system provider.
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Matt19 private msg quote post Address this user
I'd love to see a you will be charged xx.xx amount of dollars for this action too (say when your 3 included processing fees are up) Almost like when downloading an app.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Obviously a missed opportunity by Matterport to surprise and delight a Client.

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