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Highlight real - Blue line & Speed875

mefederau private msg quote post Address this user
The HIGHLIGHT REEL is a nice feature and my clients do like it. With that said, I've noticed that a 3D tour completed last week has a photo to photo blue tour line (during playback) and the one I completed yesterday does not. Anyone know why? I created them in the same way with different results.

Also, the speed at which the HIGHLIGHT REEL plays is painfully slow, is there an option to speed it up?

Thanks, Mike
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mikeE private msg quote post Address this user
The difference is between the two different tour types. Slideshow (without blue line), and walkthrough (with the blueline).
To change this option, click on the highlight reel icon next to the snapshot icon in the dark ribon at the top of workshop 2.1.
There will be two radio buttons labeled slideshow and walkthrough.

I like the idea of the blue line walkthrough but for large homes the trip can take too long and for small homes it doesn't seem necessary. I've also found that on a slow connection the quality of the video from one location to the next can be kind of ugly.
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mefederau private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Mike, that was the issue! I agree, the blue trace-lines keep things in context for the viewer. Is is safe to assume that we do not as yet have control of the speed at which these play?
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WalkVirtually private msg quote post Address this user
The speed was discussed in the Matterport 2.0 thread, I too believe it's slow. No, we don't have control of speed (yet). The end user can click on right toggle switch instead of play which adds a bit to their experience and also may make it "seem" that they're moving a bit quicker. P.S. Welcome!
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Daniel1977 private msg quote post Address this user
I think the speed is good. A lot of agents that I work with use video as well and the shift from side to side is about the same speed as the video.
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JulianHowardCT private msg quote post Address this user
Anyone know if you can change the path of the blue line? I am guessing not. But that would be an amazing function; to have the ability to drag the tour path to a new route, kind of like the function in Google maps to plot a new route.
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mikeE private msg quote post Address this user
I would like to have the ability to click on a stairway and have it automatically take me to the level that those stairs lead to and it could do this using the walk-through feature.
If I was on the second floor and I wanted to go to the third i just click on the stairs going up. If I wanted to go to the 1st floor from the second floor I would click on the space above those stairs and it would automatically walk me down stairs. After walking through a bunch of scans it seems like too much trouble to click your way up and down stairs.
I know that I could go and select the floor i want to be on but new users don't think to use that feature and it disrupts the perceived immersion.
Just sayin'
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Shane private msg quote post Address this user
I'm with you, it is unnecessarily complicated to get between floors especially stairs with landings that turn around 180 degrees.
Bring on a take me up - down function.
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