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Capture 3.0 BetaReality Capture Expert

Matterport Capture app confusion8728

angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
I just received an update from Matterport about the Capture App 3.0 release and update.

I’m confused because I already have it. It also asked for an activation code.

I never received one.

I have used it to capture a 15,000 sqft office space and reported my experience.

@matterport - this community values the services it provides. You are one of the services. Some of us win awards doing so. I did (CRE Tech 2018). We are advocates and ambassadors of 3DVR tech and currently Matterport.

Can you pls explain if I should be aware of any change of compatibility I may expect when in the field with your equipment with this release? This is my livelihood.

If you wish to use me as a guinea pig then pay me or reduce my monthly sub.

Maybe insight into some release schedule of what is going on might be an idea? Or a ‘Contact Strategy’ with influencers and advocates. Aka MSPs. Your community.

from a concerned MSP,

Angus Norriss
MD, Imagineer, Chief Experience Officer

Ps. Pls take me seriously, whilst I am not a tech IP owner, I implemented several globally integrated media strategies for Google and Disney, including Star Wars Ep8 and fully understand the intricacies of audience segmentation and digital media Content Strategy). I am an asset and advocate and understand the challenges.

Pls do reply to one of my messages. The founder of GeoCV found the time.
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TrustedPhotoDC private msg quote post Address this user
Capture 3.0 is a beta product. It is continually updated.

Want to know what’s different in each release? Read the change log that accompanies the app on TestFlight.

By reading your post, it seems you aren’t the right type of candidate for a beta test.

And if you think MP will answer here, you’re kinda out of the loop. Continual conversations and posts with the devs on MOUG.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by @TrustedPhotoDC
And if you think MP will answer here, you’re kinda out of the loop. Continual conversations and posts with the devs on MOUG.

Matterport reads everything posted here. With 13,000+ Visitors monthly in 120 countries - 60,000+ page views monthly - you bet they care what gets posted here.

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angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
@TrustedPhotoDC - thanks. I’ll check out MOUG, see if I fit the remit as a candidate. Is there an interview? Or a tech quiz???

I’d love to know what makes a perfect ‘beta’ tester. Please enlighten me...and the other several 1000 paying subscribers here. Matterport gladly invited us all via email, being MSPs.

Please do describe what it takes to make the cut.



Ps. I tried to contact you via your website but got a 404 error.
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