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How Matterport can - and must - scale exponentially8727

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
24/7 Open House Bundle FREE to YOU! (MB19)

How Matterport can - and must - scale exponentially

Hi All,

For Matterport to scale its business exponentially, it’s essential that Matterport market to people most likely to sell their home in the next 30-60 days.

Homeowners must be trained to ask real estate agents:

✓ “If I select you as the agent to help sell my home, will you include a Matterport 3D Tour?”

Homeowners must be trained to say to real estate agents:

✓ “I want a Matterport 24/7 Open House 3D Tour to help get the most offers, sooner for the most money with the least amount of hassle."
✓ “I want potential out-of-town buyers and investors to be able to take a tour of my home.”
✓ “I want real estate agents to be able to pre-tour my home for their clients.”
✓ “I want actual walk-throughs of my home by potential buyers that have taken the 3D tour.”

When home sellers demand a Matterport 3D Tour – in order for an agent to list a house for sale – that’s when all agents will have to include Matterport 3D Tours with every listing.

Today, there are more Matterport Service Providers than there is a demand for Matterport 3D Tours. Thus, pricing is depressed.

Only when the demand for Matterport 3D Tours exceed the supply of Matterport Service Providers to create these tours, will pricing rise resulting in:

✓ Matterport selling more cameras to Service Providers and Agents (more processing, hosting)
✓ Matterport Service Provider making a living from shooting 3D Tours (plus photos and video)
✓ Multiple Listing Services (MLS) highlighting 3D Tours

My impression is that Matterport thinks that low prices will drive the market. They are guilty of paying some of the lowest fees to Matterport Service Providers. It’s demand that drives the market.

Regular readers of the WGAN Forum know that – “Matterport: Increase Demand of Matterport 3D Tours” – has been the mantra of the WGAN Community almost since Day 1. (Three Years Ago)

When Matterport marketing is laser-sharp focused on increasing demand by likely home sellers, Matterport will scale exponentially - raising all boats - including Matterport Service Providers.

What are your thoughts?



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Shakoure private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod ...It's elementary dear Watson... but I don't think MP cares to listen.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Unfortunately it is not everywhere in the world that REA pays for marketing. In Australia most vendors pay for marketing cost and I would say it is quite significant. It can be anywhere from $1000(we paid $1300 for marketing when we were selling our house in Melbourne and that was on top of 2.3% commission) and up to $5000-10000. And seeing a MLSs fee to put a listing for a house in my suburb that is quite reasonable. Only two major australian MLSs fee together will be $1900 and that's for a 45 days listing.

We are trying convince local agents and vendors to use 3D tours as sometimes they cost the same or a bit less/extra comparing to just still photos but so far it is not good.

Some of real estate agents we have worked for ages with property drone aerial marketing media are so stubborn that they do not even want to put a completed tour on major MLS websites.

It have costed them nothing to do as the vendor of this house is a friend of my business partner and she has let us to do a tour for her so we can use it for presentation at local REAs. And that for a luxury house with a price tag over $3 000 0000 that has been on a market for at least 4 months and going to an auction next month.

When we asked one of real estate agents why he does not want to add vr tours to their marketing media as it helps to sell faster he replied that he does not care of selling a property as he knows there may be only 10% of people who are coming to a house inspection are truly interested in buying this particular one. He mostly cares of collecting details from another 90% and give them his business card hopping they can become his future customers.

If that's truly his intention and idea of running a house inspection I understand why he does not want virtual tours. He is just trying to use any situation to have a list of potential buyers and future sellers that he can call and push to inspect another property or win a contract for selling another property.

Surprisingly when we just bought a Pro2 camera and I mentioned it to my friend who runs a corporate accommodation business in Brisbane CBD he ordered 1 tour on the same day and added two more within a week. His idea was to stop complaints from their guests that there was something missing in the apartment they have rented. Now he just sending his tours privately to any person interested in renting and people can see all the beauty of its location and all interior. They stopped complaining and it is peace of mind for the business owner. But that's one man business when he knows all his problems and only him has a power to decide what to use and when. With REAs there are bunch of people working in sales plus a REA's owner. Sometimes it is just very hard to break that wall especially if a REA's owner is involved in sales himself , is over 60 and is using old school sales techniques.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
As for convincing vendors to use virtual tours it was my first idea how to sell Matterport tours. I was going to drive around to every local property advertised for sale and drop some flyers into their letterboxes explaining of all benefits of using a virtual tour. However at this point we do not want to piss off all local agents by going to their customers behind their backs until they say "no" to virtual tours. Some of them are still interested it is just a very slow process for us.
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