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Add On: Offer Clients 2D Floor Plan with their Logo8698

DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Try this: after you deliver your Matterport 3D Tour to your client, send them a 2D floor plan with their logo.

Yes. Gift it to them and let them know if they would like 2D Floor Plans in the future, they are (pick a price):

✓ $49 each
✓ $99 each
✓ $149 each
✓ $29 per floor
✓ $49 per floor
✓ $75 per floor
✓ Other?

(You will know what makes sense in your market.)

Here are two WGAN Premium Members that offer 2D Floor Plans with the addition of a logo:


Want to see what others are charging? 100 deep links to the pricing pages of Matterport Service Providers in the Guide to Matterport Service Provider Pricing curated by WGAN (free access for WGAN Forum Members: Private Message me for the password.

Got a success story offering 2D Floor Plans as an Add On? Please share it here.


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walk360 private msg quote post Address this user
@Blue-Sketch & @MP2FP could you please send a sample of how the 2D floor plans looks like
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lucadeal private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone!

We've just finished a pretty interesting way (at least for me) to combine Blue-Sketch and services - here's the results:

clickable text

I'd like to take the opportunity here to thank Ashleigh @Blue-Sketch for the great work she's done with German language and my picky customer and also Ross for the always valuable and friendly help!

Hope you like it


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Floor Plans
mp2fp private msg quote post Address this user
@walk360 and all!

Yes are producing all styles of floorplans 2D and 3D and as well some styles we call "Clean up" 3D floorplans from Matterport (or from other scanners) models directly. An innovation that we can see is more and more popular because it keeps all the details and realistic content from original scanned model but cleaner and sharper and at a 3D floorplan format:

Our operators have many years experience in producing floorplans and other real estate sales content like premium photo editing and CGI still images and VHS (Visual Home Styling)++. Not only from Matterport scans but from all other types of input or formats.

We deliver on all normal formats including .psd files. This means if you wish, and without the need to wait, you can do simple and fast editing directly and with full control of highest quality regarding text and logo updates or copy to optional print or web material for your sales material. While jpg or other standard formats are not always sufficient. This and other special services from MP2FP is without any extra payment and part of our standard deliveries.

Because you are ordering directly from us as producers and owners of our own business without any middle person we can keep low prices and good service and communicate directly via email, IP chat/Skype and other preferred channels. We can deliver within 12 to 24h after you order and our prices is:

2D: 25 USD* per project with floorplans of all floors included and with or without measurements

3D: 45 USD* per project with floorplans of all floors included with Fully Furnished

* Prices are before the 10% discount as standard for all WGAN members. Check with us for special custom styles, complex custom orders etc.

If you want to order other than the standardized styles on our portal just choose some example on the web and send us. Here is one good gallery (just point on 1 example you like and send the specific link with the order or by email to

2D Floorplan reference examples
3D Floorplan reference examples

Here one example of the 3D Floorplan style: "Clean up" from scanned project:

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