If you design WordPress sites - that include Matterport integration via WP3D Models WordPress Plugin, please Private Message me.

I have a Member that has joined as a WGAN Standard Member that seeks a WordPress website taking advantage of his WGAN Standard Membership that includes:

✓ the free use of WordPress via Ionblade Pro
✓ the free use of W3D Models WordPress Plugin
✓ the free use of MPEmbed Premium Basic
✓ the free use of ThreeSixty Tours Pro 5 Domain Plan (White Label Version)
✓ the free use of 15 Matterport 3D Tour examples (to include in his WP3D Models Gallery
✓ the free use of marketing videos
✓ the free use of GIFs (of Matterport Spaces)

I asked him to pick out a WordPress theme that he likes by visiting websites in the Guide to Matterport Service Provider Pricing which includes links to 100+ websites of MSPs.

I could imagine in addition to getting his website designed and launched, the Pro could use some training in WordPress to maintain his site, plus some ongoing light support.

Please Private Message me. Please do not post to this discussion.


Dan Smigrod
We Get Around Network
Atlanta, GA