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izoneguy private msg quote post Address this user
I did my first test today. Overall it was pretty good. It seemed like a few scans were darker than the others. I guess I could hide those scans? Or is there a way to lighten them up? I saw some other service where you could adjust exposure?
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Miguelea private msg quote post Address this user
Take a look at this

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PeterWolf private msg quote post Address this user
You chopped off the 'b' at the end of the URL
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Miguelea private msg quote post Address this user
@PeterWolf sorry. Did it on iPhone. This forum is not really iPhone se ready . Sorry @Dan
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izoneguy private msg quote post Address this user
OK yes I saw that earlier. I did test with my TEST....While you can adjust the parameters. The pano will pop from the original color/brightness to the filtered version. I understand mpembed is like an overlay over the MP Space but can it get re-processed to hold the color adjustments? There really should be a way to do this with Matterport spaces directly. Or if you get the mpembed plug-in will it function differently? Short of using mpembed how can you get consistent color and brightness between panos without calling up Matterport? Does a person actually look at the tour? Or is it all done with AI? That is the one thing I miss between shooting a tour with a camera and a pano head vs. Matterport. I could adjust each pano to look perfect.
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