I love the look of the GeoCV UI. So clean, modern and bright! Instead of the ugly black background, a nicely shaded gradient! And the perfect transition from dollhouse to floorplan with the sketched layer! Only this really makes sense and truly deserves the name floorplan.
Makes the Matterport UI looking old fashioned.
I would love to see these neat features on Matterport!

I applied for the GeCV beta program to test it. But then I just read that they have the same issues with the infrared sensor, that Matterport just has overcome and that you have to edit the captures on that tiny smartphone display.
That would be a great disadvantage.
But there seem to be some other big advantages with GeoCV.
You're free, no bondage to the brand or the hosting!

What area your thoughts?
Will we see choices for different showcase appearance, like backdrop and floorplan layer in the near future?