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Gary Vee's Pessimism on Real Estate & VR8606

Shakoure private msg quote post Address this user
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This one surprised me from one of the most watched tech/media marketing "gurus" on Youtube. Take a listen... Anyone agree? Disagree? ...Would love to hear why?
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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Gary Vee know's the hotbeds of digital marketing.

He sees VR as cold given the percentage of people using the product. Baby boomers and Gen X still want to feel and touch things. Mattport claims to have about 5% of all listing using their links for Matterport.

From this aim big standpoint, the product is not even warm yet. People are certainly warming up to the technology. So it needs to get into more hands.

When things begin to warm up, we need to have enough money saved to acquire robots to shoot our tours for us before a big conglomerate comes along aligning with his being first while we try to stay the "Best".
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ericlien private msg quote post Address this user
Part of my business model is to provide an overall marketing strategy to clients of which virtual tours and high resolution photographic tools are a part ... currently I have a couple in the RE space that currently evaluating all their marketing options

so while virtual tours and high resolution photographic tools are a BIG differentiator to realtors
their BIGGER issue today is being able to rise above the noise and provide a complete portfolio of services that sells their clients properties (better than the other guy)

agree with Gary Vee that realtors now MUST build their own authentic brand and create a business that can withstand the dominance of Zillows, Realtor.coms and other large conglomerates. He who owns the clients and data that comes with it wins.

We in this WGAN group can be a part of the realestate movement by providing better photographic and visual tour products/services BUT from the clients I work with... unfortunately we are not their #1 issue today
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Shakoure private msg quote post Address this user
@ericlien ...Well said. A comprehensive value model is what most RE agents are looking for. However, my experience is that most agents and brokers don't feel enough pain in their current marketing setup to feel the need to upgrade to something more visually robust. They love the visuals and ease VT's offer, but they're simply complacent with their current way of doing things. I personally feel that this will eventually hurt them as those who become early 3D adopters will be way ahead of the game in the coming years.
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ericlien private msg quote post Address this user
@shakoure ... totally agree on the "they do not feel enough pain" comment.

One of my current VERY successful RE clients has been ie top realtor in the area for past 40 years. This year, we have both agreed that what got him and his team here today needs to be 'enhanced' in order to stay #1 going forward. The RE competition is expanding (web, digital, social media) and getting very large (conglomerates & web only RE) plus the tools and tech are just too intuitive & proven not to use.

In my opinion, successful realtors MUST
1 understand their uniqueness & value to their client
2 focus on & and build their personal & team brand
3 craft consistent value based messaging to use in all comms
4 leverage ALL the digital marketing & productivity tools out there
5 expand their network and embrace a pay it forward culture

I believe that successful realtors will be incorporating more 3D Tours, high res photography and other visual products in their overall marketing strategy to list & sell a property but not as an "EITHER OR" situation but a "BOTH AND"

Personally, I feel this is an excellent time to be a realtor with all the amazing tools (marketing, virtual & digital) plus robust services available to build a RE business.
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Shakoure private msg quote post Address this user
@ericlien Those are points are well worth their salt to a forward thinking realtor. Unfortunately, that's not the prevalent attitude in the RE world. I spoke with a lady friend who runs a real estate firm just yesterday. She loves the tech, and in the last year I've tried persuading her to adopt based on the points you've mentioned, she's simply not ready to pull out the checkbook. Hope, as you've said, that this attitude will change.
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ericlien private msg quote post Address this user
@shakoure .... no question the sales cycle for this has been long.

The agency I am working with now also has a couple of younger agents who get the tech, see the train coming and are able to help influence the more seasoned/mature tech adverse partners. In the end it is a proven value proposition where success needs to be measured, documented and proved with data.

I will keep you posted on our success
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