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ICNY19Matterport Cloud 3.0 'Pop-up News' from Matterport CEO RJ Pittman8563

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Screen Grab from (Take-over popup on Monday, 28 January 2019)

Hi All,

Your thoughts on the following Matterport news announced today (Monday, 28 January 2019) as a front-page take-over message from Matterport's new CEO RJ Pittman?




Some big news from Matterport...

Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Matterport and our customers, partners, and service providers. 5 years ago we set out to create the first 3D capture solution to combine extraordinary performance and ease of use at a price point in reach for businesses and professionals alike. With the support of our customers and partners, Matterport has become the industry leader in 3D capture for the built world spanning many industries from real estate, to construction, travel & hospitality, insurance, and more.

Our ecosystem of capture technology driven by our powerful Pro2 cameras and advanced computer vision and image processing services in Matterport Cloud has enabled our customers and partners to capture the world in 3D at impressive global scale. This has created productivity breakthroughs in every industry we have pursued together with our partners.

With millions of spaces scanned in over 100 countries, Matterport spaces have been viewed nearly 1 billion times and we’re just getting started.

Our patented AI-driven image processing capabilities have reached a tipping point in deep-learning performance that has unlocked the next stage of our mission to make Matterport 3D capture accessible to everyone. We call it Cortex. Cortex has trained on billions of 3D data points captured in Matterport Cloud to construct stunning Matterport 3D models from two-dimensional images captured with spherical lens cameras, commonly known as 360 cameras. Support for this new class of cameras provides a low-cost, entry-level solution to a new customer.

To capitalize on this important advancement we have reimagined the entire Matterport ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of Matterport 3D. You can learn more about our new product updates including Matterport Cloud 3, Capture 3 for iPhone, and support for 360 cameras. Matterport is now within reach to everyone.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

The future of Matterport is designed with our entire network of customers, partners, and MSPs in mind. The power of Cortex expands the addressable market tenfold for everyone. And as we accelerate our efforts to open up the Matterport Cloud platform to developers and partners, the possibilities are limitless.

We’re excited for the future, and it starts today. Let’s do it together.

RJ Pittman, CEO
Matterport, Inc.

Matterport Press Release | Matterport Sign Up for Early Access

Source: Website (Take-over of Front Page)


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Matterport Unveils New Cloud Platform, Unlocking Ubiquitous Access To 3D
Matterport + All 360º Cameras = Exponential Growth (for all of us)
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
The Capture 3 program is encouraging, as is the expanding universe of 3D and 360° walkthrough solutions. Yes, developments which democratize walkthrough production will undercut the economics of preceding technology, but they also serve to raise awareness and increase ubiquity, critical to hasten the universal expectation that virtual physical spaces should be available to everyone, everywhere, 24/7. This is good for all of us.

Dive in, experiment, and share your insights through the WGA Forum, with which Dan has empowered us all. Let’s all push this forward and lift all boats, as Pittman reminds us.

I want to learn and share. Yesterday I shot the same condo with Matterport, Cupix, GeoCV, NodalView and Zillow 3D Home in order to study their differences in features, shooting speed, editing ease and image quality. When I get it all sorted out, I look forward to sharing. It’s now a sprint for us all to stay current and stay ahead.
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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
@Home3D I totally disagree. Coming from a professional portrait background, I saw that business almost evaporate with the rise in the quality of consumer digital cameras...even for the truly creative photographers. It became a race to the bottom just to survive. I see the exact same thing happening to MSPs. It will be a sprint to the bottom as more and more cheap quality 360 cameras are developed with Matterport accepting them into their world.
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
@rzphotoman I understand and share the angst. So what did you do when professional portraiture declined? You evolved into 3D. The technology is unstoppable, so we must sprint to stay ahead, or at least abreast.

Look again at Zillow's development of Zillow Videos two years ago. Easy to use, quick to shoot, big search boost on Zillow, but still less than 5% of agents use them. Zillow's 3D Home is also easy and quick, but will also be provided by photographers, seldom by agents. If we love photography and want to remain behind the lens (tough to do with 360°!) we need to stay engaged. Our expertise will still be needed, and valued by at least some clients.
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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
@Home3D I agree with your last line

"Our expertise will still be needed, and valued by at least some clients."

I hope I'm wrong but I fear that "some clients" will not be enough to sustain us as was the case with portrait photography.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@Home3D I can agree we need to try to stay ahead of evoling technology but we all jumped on board with MP to do that. I also am worried about the open platform. I have not read the details but if you don't need to buy a MP camera then again it opens it up to just about anything. But I will reserve my complete opinion until I can read all the details. Just my two cents.
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