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Capture 3 BetaICNY19Matterport Cloud 3.0

Capture 3 Beta and Expanded Capture Cameras8559

TrustedPhotoDC private msg quote post Address this user
Pressers posted over the next few hours will give you a good idea of the future direction of Matterport. I’ve been using the beta of Capture 3 on my iPhone X for about 2 months and for the last two weeks have been doing production jobs with it.

Capture 3 is a game changer with the ability for less expansive cameras like the Theta V and soon the Insta Pro One X to allow capture and conversion to 3D with computation photography. (This isn’t photogrammetry).

Great work from the engineers to move MP forward.

iPhone ready(if you have a recent one) Capture 3 is fast
Three levels of capture(my level names) - standard quality 360 one click camera, high quality Matterport Pro2, precision quality BLK360.
Can still talk on the phone when capturing
One clicks work outside for 3D - there is no IR, but this isn’t perfect yet so mileage will vary
Multiple type camera can be mixed on a job

Will still crash - only use if you live on the edge and understand what a beta is
The Done Button
Learning the UI on a smaller screen. Fat fingers be warned.
You can only have one Capture app on your device

There will still be a place for your Matterport camera. The sky isn’t falling by introducing $400 one-clicks to the MP Cloud. The Pro 2 has 135MP resolution and one clicks are about 15-30MP resolution.

Best feature yet or how you use for production work the first time 😂
- Forgetting the iPad and realizing you have a capture device in your pocket.

Once the open beta is available and you have additional hardware to support it, I encourage you to try and test, sign up now. The more early adaptors, the more data MP can colllect and fine tune this product. https://try.matterport.com/capture3-beta-signup/

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immersivespaces private msg quote post Address this user
Just my personal opinion, but I feel like this will create a "good enough" scenario for real estate agents where higher quality captures are not considered necessary. Ultimately, this could potentially hurt the industry for capture professionals in mid-markets where most MSPs operate. We saw this when the camera phones made it easy for agents to take "good enough" photos of listings.
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
With MP's new pricing on their camera and now the ability to create VT's with any 360 camera the bottom just fell out of the market for MSP.
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Shakoure private msg quote post Address this user
@immersivespaces... I second that. The market wasn't hot to begin with. And since this is something almost ANYONE can now do,what's the reason again to hire an MSP?
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thanks for sharing your experience with Matterport Capture 3 Beta.

Hi All,

If you have been testing Matterport Capture 3 Beta suing a Ricoh Theta V or Insta360 One X, please share your thoughts with us about your beta testing.




Here are my thoughts - two months ago - about why Matterport democratizing virtual tours with under $500 360º 1-click cameras will grow the demand for Matterport Service Providers ...

Matterport + All 360º Cameras = Exponential Growth (for all of us)
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vaccinemedia private msg quote post Address this user
@GarySnyder @Shakoure I third that! I recently had a real estate agent client for only a month because after that period he had gone and purchased his own Pro 2 camera. I'd say that estate agents are penny pinchers at the best of times and if the barrier to entry was only £250 they have more reason to do it in-house. What made a MSP such as us different to other solutions which use one shot cameras - such as Vieweet etc is the quality we can provide and the 3D model. This is what made Matterport stand out from the competition and now that the same can be achieved using standard cameras we're going to be stuck to the one-off jobs such as museums / concert halls / universities etc...
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vaccinemedia private msg quote post Address this user
Further to what I said yesterday I thought I'd add this:

After conducting some research recently I have found that (in the UK) in the real estate market they would either do their own standard photos in-house or they outsource to a company (who I shall not name) who have a network of photographers to do it for them.

I have spoken to this company in the past regarding offering them Matterport. They told me that they have trialed Matterport with their network. They even went as far as buying the photographers the camera. I'm guessing this was to have them all using a large cloud account with ownership staying with the network and also making it easier from a logistics point of view. This was not a major rollout though - in fact the reason they did not roll it out fully is because of two factors:

Cost of Matterport Cameras
Cost of iPads

They were more interested in looking at other solutions such as Immoviewer / Vieweet etc... using Ricoh Theta cameras due to cost rather than using Matterport or looking for existing MSPs.

Now that they can have BOTH (Matterport WITH Ricoh Theta PLUS no iPad investment) it means that this is what they will probably end up using and the UK will have a reasonably large network operating in the UK with all the major online estate agents (Purple Bricks, eMoov etc..) using it.

The fact that quite a lot of estate agents outsource standard photography due to time constraints they will no doubt also be open to outsourcing Matterport (Pro 2 or Theta). The question is..... will they be using us or the network I mentioned?
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PeterMcCready private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by vaccinemedia
...we're going to be stuck to the one-off jobs such as museums / concert halls / universities etc...

In my experience they tend to penny pinch far more than estate agents, some expecting me to exclusively shoulder the burden of hosting for the term of my natural life
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