Hi All,

Good news!

New Firmware for Aleta S2C camera is released. Please download from below link and upgrade your Aleta S2C for better experience.
Release note:
➡️ Improve the stitching near the nadir/ ground
Here I quote 360 Rumors Mic Ty's post for your reference

The original here:clickable text

➡️ Extend exposure time of Night HDR mode for better image quality
➡️ Fix RTMP live streaming frame rate low issue

For how to upgrade the firmware, please check this tutorial video

Recently some asked about using the Aleta S2C for interior HDR photos for real estate.
We suggest to use both Day HDR and Night HDR modes to take shots.
Aleta S2C has 4 pre-config modes for shooting photos, with sun and moon symbols:
Sun - Day mode: For normal day scene
Sun H - Day HDR mode: For high contrast day scene. mix or multi light sources, such like both lamps and outside light from windows
moon - Night mode: For normal night or low light scene
moon H - Night HDR: For high contrast night scene. mix or multi light sources

You may also watch this tutorial video for reference