Hello all!

Happy New Year. Hope you all are having a wonderful year so far.

So this delima is new to me. My client is a retro arcade offering rare machines and they are requesting a scan and publish to Google. Of course, I will be attaching MatterTags to each machine defining what it is and the high score *currently*.

I price my self at $199.00 minimum for commercial tours and of course an additional $25.00 to Google Street View.

Now since they are a small venue I will be charging them $220.00 but I want to make sure I get a scan at each machine, so I haven't thought the initial price yet, but I'm thinking $220-250.00

What I am conflicted with is they wish for me to rescan they're location when they get new machines so they can have that updated on there website. Now, that is pricy on my hand and what would you other magical Service Providers do in my position? Charge them each time? Discount rate for each scan as it will incur as another model for the month. I want it to be fair for both of us since this client is great to have to secure more leads.

Also, if I am updating High Scores for their machines; would you charge a monthly fee for updating them? I have a year hosting for free included in the 3D Visual Tours.

If you have read this far; thank you.