WGAN-TV WGAN-TV Magical Matterport Mashups with Tosolini Productions Founder Paolo Tosolini

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WGAN Forum Member, @Tosolini Productions, received a great write-up about their innovative Matterport mashups (with AR, Hololens, Google ARCore (and much more) by scanning trade press, SPAR3D:

SPAR3D (2 January 2019) Matterport AR mashups: Microsoft Hololens, Google ARCore, and more

WGAN-TV Live at 5 featured Tosolini Productions Founder Paolo Tosolini in February of last year (see video above) and this WGAN Forum discussion.

Interested in more Tosolini Productions Matterport mashups? We're working on scheduling a upcoming show with Paolo. And, see WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Tosolini Productions

Congrats to @Tosolini and your team on your magical Matterport mashups (and recognition by SPAR3D.

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P.S. ...

Tosolini Productions Mashups of Matterport Include ...

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