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Did you spend $10,000+ in 2018 on photo editing with PhotoUp or Phixer?8451

WGAN Forum
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WGAN-TV Why MSPs with Wicked Awesome 3D Co-Founder Stephanie Dolloff ( @Dolloff ) MSP Wicked Awesome 3D coverage includes: Cary, NC, Nashua, NH & Barnstable, MA; Home3D Media Content Creator Kevin Dole ( @Home3D ) (Home3D covers Calabasas, Malibu and Sherman Okays, CA; and Founder Colin Forte ( @PhotoAndVideoEdits )

WGAN Forum Members: Did you spend $10,000+ in 2018 on photo editing with PhotoUp or Phixer?

Hi All,

If you spent $10,000+ in 2018 on photo editing with PhotoUP or Phixer, your pain points might include:

⌦ paying extra for 12 hour turnaround
⌦ 100 percent of your credits NOT rolling over month-to-month
⌦ not having a photo editor available 24/7
⌦ not having the phone number of the owner of the business to expedite help feels your pain. You can receive:*

✅ no extra charge for guaranteed 12 hour turnaround time on photo editing
✅ 100 percent of your credits rolling over month-to-month
✅ Editors available to you for 24/7
✅ Direct Hotline: Mobile number for @PhotoAndVideoEdits Founder Colin Forte

To receive these extra perks, send your 2018 PhotoUp and/or Phixer receipts for either $10,000+ or three (3) consecutive 2018 invoices totaling $3,600+ to using this Form:

We Get Around Network Special Offer Request Form (password required)
(To get the password, simple join the free WGAN Forum. Or, Private Message me.)

By the way, if you do not qualify for this special offer, it may be helpful to know:

✅ average turnaround time in 2018 was less than 12 hours.
✅ 100 percent of your credits rolling over
✅ Editors available to you for 24/6

Plus ...

Special Offer for WGAN Forum Members

✅ FREE! In addition to the 50 FREE Credits when you join, you will automatically receive an additional 50 FREE Credits in your 2nd full month of
✅ WGAN Forum Welcome Message includes how to receive this Membership Benefit (Join the WGAN Forum before 14 May 2018, simply Private Message @DanSmigrod for the how to receive. Please include in your Subject Line: WGAN Forum Benefit:

Special Offer for WGAN Standard and Premium Members

✅ FREE! 35 FREE Credits when you join and 35 FREE Credits each month for the following 11 months (When you are on a 200+ Credit Plan That Month)
✅ Please see the WGAN Welcome Onboard Letter for the WGAN Order Form

Outsourcing photo editing:

➡️ frees you up to do more shoots
➡️ frees you up to develop more business
➡️ frees you up to spend more time with friends and family
➡️ improves the quality of your images
➡️ outsourcing enables you to scale your business
➡️ saves you money (time is money)

What's holding you back from switching photo editing services or outsourcing for the first time?

Happy New Year,


*To receive the above benefits, you must subscribe to 1,000 credits or more plan. Guarantee means if your ‘photos completed' email says 13 hours or more, you will receive a credit refund for that order. Not valid with any other promotional offer (including current We Get Around Network offers). Offer Valid 1 January 2019 through 30 March 2019. | @Hometakes | @PhotoAndVideoEdits | LinkedIn | Twitter

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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
I have spent $2,864.98 on Photo & Video Edits. August 4, 2018 - January 1, 2019.

Worth every penny.

I was previously using PhotoUp, a former WGAN Advertiser. They did a great job too, but P&V Edits has faster turn around time and provides window masking and television masking free. Results are more consistent too.
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Photo - Video
Editing Service
PhotoAndVideoEdits private msg quote post Address this user
@metroplex360 Thank you for your support. Happy New Year!
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